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Plug 0.5.0 — Sending to ICNS Names👤 Sonic Activity Enhancements, and Clock Validation! 🚀

This new release is setting the ground for a major integration to ICNS, as well as improving the experience of the Activity tab for Sonic-oriented events-

Welcome to another Plug release! A version jump from 0.4.X to 0.5.X. Why? Because we’re opening the floodgates of beginning our integration to ICNS, among other dope technical refactors that help make Plug as sturdy as possible.

Let’s dive in, shall we? As always, you can download Plug V0.5.0 from the Chrome Web Store, & Firefox Add-on Store!, or get it from GitHub!

First ICNS Integration: Send to .ICP Names!

Recently, ICNS (the Internet Computer Name Service) joined Psychedelic and became part of the fam! Today, we’re kicking off our product’s synergies by bringing in the first ICNS integration into Plug: .icp name resolving for transactions!

That means you can now use any ICNS .icp name as the destination address in Plug! Plug will call to ICNS and resolve the name to find the address it represents. Meaning that if you send an NFT or token transfer to “nico.icp”…. Plug will:

  1. Check the Principal ID record for that name on ICNS
  2. If it is set, the NFT will be sent to that address.
  3. If not set, Plug will fall back to the name’s owner Principal ID.

You can also save contacts with .icp names as their address now! To fast-track any transaction to friends or addresses you usually send NFTs or tokens to.

The First of Many Integrations 🔥👽🔥

This is just an early integration of ICNS and the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the amazing things ICNS and .icp names can enable…

What are some things that will come next in Plug using ICNS? Setting your .icp name as your Plug wallet’s main ID, and being able to show that ID as your unique username to dApps (as well as its records, and profile!). Also replacing IDs on the activity tab and overall app with their respective .icp name if available, as well as viewing your .icp names as NFTs and making changes to their records in Plug!

Sonic: Polishing of Activity in Plug ✨

Coming as well in this update, we reviewed the way Plug handles all events passed by Sonic (swaps, mints, etc) to ensure they look their best! We standardized how these events are shown and know you won’t miss a detail after using the AMM.

Clock Validation to Mitigate Clock Errors ⏰

If you remember our previous update, we have been addressing a common issue on the IC that is caused by one of its security measures. When talking to the Internet Computer, there are expiration times set on the calls as a security measure, which means that if your device’s (computer) clock is set incorrectly… The call will be rejected!

In our last update, we addressed the issue for ICP transactions by using the Rosetta API. However, for other non-ICP interactions (calls to other canisters, or transfers of NFTs or non-ICP tokens), the time-check can’t be circumvented.

So, to make sure we can help users identify the issue and resolve it, we have improved Plug’s UI/UX so it detects if your device’s time is set incorrectly, and guide you to solve the issue.

If you see this error screen — Follow this guide to solve the issue!

All it takes is to set your computer’s clock back to automatic and restart your browser (quit and reopen). Find an in-depth guide on the link above.

Plug into the Internet Computer 🔌

That is all! Once again, thanks for all the feedback you share with the team each day. It makes updates like these a breeze and helps us strengthen Plug, finding all the details we can improve for everyone 🤙

If you have more, tweet them at us or hop into the Psychedelic Discord to jam with our team on Plug’s next update!




Plug is an Internet Computer browser wallet, identity, and authentication provider that helps users manage their identity and assets on the Internet Computer.

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Plug is an Internet Computer browser crypto wllet & authentication provider.

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