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Using gradient for styling text

Chris Margonis
Jan 26 · 2 min read

Having an engaging and fancy user interface is essential for providing a delightful user experience. In some cases, this calls for using gradient colors. While Android’s styling system is pretty powerful, it lacks an out-of-the-box way to style a text using a gradient for coloring its text. Since at Plum we always try to explore new ways to achieve the best results, we had to come up with a solution!

CharacterStyle to the rescue!

Thankfully the package contains enough tools for extending the already-provided styling capabilities. There’re many ways to extend it, but for this case, we’ll take a look at extending CharacterStyle to match our needs.

The key method of that abstract class is updateDrawState:

This method has as a parameter the TextPaint that will be used in our TextView. Most importantly, the TextPaint can have a shader object for drawing. And for that, we’ll be using LinearGradient shader!

The code

Without further ado, here’s what we came up with:

Using it

The LinearGradientSpan can be used as any other character style:

It’s a relatively easy way to produce an interesting text effect.


While in a more real scenario (taken from Plum’s android application) the effect can have a more subtle effect:


As I’m not an expert in Graphics (let alone Android graphics 🤣), there should be plenty of optimizations that this utility class could receive. If you also want to build amazing things (and maybe improve the LinearGradientSpan!) check out our openings!

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