Founding Farmers + Plum Relish

Farm-a-roni in a bento. For the first time ever.

On Monday, we launch Bentos by Founding Farmers & Farmers Fishers Bakers. From farm-to-conference-room.

Founding Farmers is a modern-day Washington, D.C. institution. It’s the most booked restaurant on OpenTable (in the country!) for five years running. Why? It’s a trusted and delicious local brand that people absolutely love.

In a world where consumers are fed constant misinformation, Founding Farmers is a vocal food, farmer, and sustainability advocate; they have been at the forefront of this mission since they served their first glazed bacon lollis.

After today, it’s no longer a secret that we’re building a new kind of lunch.

For eaters who simply want a good meal…

For restaurants that invest in their culinary and hospitality teams…

If you love Founding Farmers and Mike Isabella restaurants, our inaugural Plum Relish partner, we’re for you. We’re glad we found you.


Sarah Van Dell | CEO & Founder | Plum Relish

P.S Ready to order?