PluralFi and Saferoot are partnering to make Web3 safer

Saferoot and Plural are partnering to integrate real-time security for crypto users.

Plural Finance
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2 min readAug 24

When it comes to crypto, safety should be a right — not a privilege.

Yet the current reality is rather different: scams, hacks, phishing,…Web3 isn’t safe as of yet. Plural started with the goal to cover users when it came to hacks. Saferoot had the same safety goal in mind.

Both companies are partnering to make this space safer and more welcoming for all.

Saferoot integrates automated security into crypto wallets, where mistakes can be costly. Features like threat detection and customizable spending limits give users the tools to avoid hacks and react quickly to suspicious activity. So people can invest according to their risk appetite, not their technical skills.

Plural Finance takes a different approach, leveraging the power of decentralized insurance. People pool capital to offer coverage tailored to digital assets. This gives crypto users a financial safety net for risks that are difficult to completely prevent. So they can access a remedy if their security tools are insufficient.

Both startups recognize that independence and decentralization make crypto so empowering. Our partnership enables us to build integrated protection that doesn’t compromise those values.

Together, we’ll keep innovating so users can feel safe, supported, and confident exploring web3. They deserve to shape the future, not become victims of it.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate toward a future where robust protection is accessible to all in crypto. This is just the beginning.