Big news, breakouts + LIVE Party

RECAP: Day 2 @ Pluralsight LIVE 2017

We’ve gathered a group of technologists unlike any conference you’ve been to — our expert community of Pluralsight authors, learners from around the world, business leaders and our partners. This is all about collision points. – Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard
Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard

Opening keynotes + announcing Iris

Collision points are a major part of what’s made Day 2 at our inaugural conference so special. In the opening keynote, CEO and co-founder Aaron Skonnard went on to acknowledge that every person in the room and the 13,000 businesses and 3.8M learners using Pluralsight are responsible for creating future products that will change the world.

And it starts with using our platform to unlock the technology skills that power innovation and creativity.

Cue Iris, the brains behind our assessment algorithm and a new way to measure tech skills.

She’s your technology strategy partner. She’s your single source of truth for evaluating skill level and competency. She’s the future of tech skills.

Chief Experience Officer Nate Walkingshaw then went on to deliver more new product announcements including Iris, Pluralsight IQ, advanced skills analytics and these free assessments you can take right now. Read more about Pluralsight’s product announcements here.

Pluralsight CXO Nate Walkingshaw

Mainstage speakers

Once we got the crowd hyped up on the future of skill verification, a.k.a. Pluralsight IQ, it was time to hear from some our favorite tech visionaries.

Eric Geis, VP at Cerner, emphasized the importance of rapid innovation in the healthcare tech industry.

CEO of Stack Overflow, Joel Spolsky got the crowd lol’ing with his relatable antidotes and inspiring reminder that developers are writing the future.

We got an inside look at how Adobe is using Pluralsight to accelerate skill development from EVP Brad Rencher.

Startup advisor Cynthia Maxwell suggested ways developers can help low bandwidth areas get connected to the mobile revolution.

Pulsra founder and former CIO of Facebook Tim Campos gave us an inside look at Facebook’s culture of learning and not being afraid to fail. He also showed us the impact artificial intelligence and machine learning can have when you leverage it correctly.

Breakout sessions

Wednesday’s breakout sessions covered everything from diversity in tech and evolving legacy software to John Papa’s standing-room only session and a 3D-printing violinist. Here’s a little highlight from us:

Partner Happy Hour

Back in the Partner Pavilion, attendees were lining up at the Pluralsight IQ booth to get their Skill IQs, which were announced earlier in the day. The Stack Overflow coffee bar was still going strong, along with Zero and One who made another appearance after their big debut in the welcome video.

*The* LIVE party

How do you top off a day full of amazing announcements and breakout sessions? You rock out with 1,600+ of your friends at X Ambassadors.

Join in on the action of Pluralsight LIVE and share your #PluralsightIQ with us. Discover yours here.

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