Pluralsight LIVE begins!

RECAP: Day 1 @ Pluralsight LIVE 2017

What happens when you get the world’s leading technologists, thousands of mini pizzas and giant Jenga in one room? Pluralsight LIVE happens. We kicked off our first-ever user conference tonight in Salt Lake City and it looked a little something like this…

Author Summit 2017

At Pluralsight, our authors mean a lot to us. They’re a big part of what makes our world go ‘round and it’s their expertise that fuels the content you love to learn. And as much as you love learning from them, they love learning from each other. Our expert community descended on Salt Lake City a day early to attend the Authors Summit, where they spent time learning. Here’s what happens when the top minds in technology come together.

Partner Pavilion

From the biggest names in tech to the biggest brands, folks made their way to the Partner Pavilion in the afternoon. And once more attendees started to arrive, StackOverflow coffee was flowing and custom t-shirts were flying hot off the (screen-printing) press.

Kickoff party

Bite-size goodies, life-size games, koosh balls all around and two visitors from another dimension set the tone for an epic event that’s just getting started!

See more of what happens when leaders, technologists and visionaries collide. Keep up with the action at #PluralsightLIVE.

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