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6 LinkedIn Banners to Make Your Profile Irresistible

Perfecting your LinkedIn profile can be crucial for improving your career prospects. It’s the first thing employers will see when they try to learn more about you. Getting it right is paramount to your success.

One way to do this is through the background or banner image. Humans are visual creatures, so whatever your background is will make an immediate impression on profile visitors.

Below are six examples of background banners, an explanation of when to apply it, and a sample image of how it can look on your profile. Feel free to download and use them. Succeed at your own discretion.

Sacrifice — Show That You Will Give Everything

Background Image

This banner image is great for prospective employees who want to show their dedication. Every boss loves grit, and this background will show it. Use this if you work in a cutthroat industry and need to show off your gusto.

And for an example of how it could look on your profile…

Sample on your future LinkedIn Profile

Dedication — Show Your Priorities

Background Image

Jobs are becoming scarcer and scarcer. This is especially true for employees in the later stages in one’s career. Mature companies don’t want to invest in an employee about to retire. So, if you’re mature in your career, this could be great to assure an employer that you will do what it takes to get the job done. No need for the boss to make room for an employee with less baggage, you’ll get rid of that baggage yourself.

And for how it could look on your profile…

Sample of your future LinkedIn profile

Desperation — Show Your Commitment

Background Image

With the job market changing all the time, there’s more competition than ever for a new listing. You need to do whatever it takes to show that you mean it when you submit that application.

If you’re young in your career, you can’t rely on experience to show your value, you have to show enthusiasm. Convey enthusiasm with images that will grab the hiring manager’s soul.

Here’s how this banner will impress on your LinkedIn page…

Example of it on your future LinkedIn Profile

Overachiever — The Silicon Valley Insider

Background Image

Everyone loves an employee that goes above and beyond to learn their industry. And every fan of silicon valley will know the person in this image — Tim Ferriss. Tim Ferriss is most famous through his podcast where he interviews titans of every industry.

This banner will show that you listen to the most popular podcaster disseminating knowledge to the masses.

Example of it on your future profile

Sacrifice — Because It Will Never Be Enough

Background Image

Every job will want you to keep giving more. That’s why we’ve included two sacrificial-related banners for your profile. It’s important to prove that you’ll give or take everything for the job.

Show your dynamic qualities by alternating between this and the other backgrounds images on the list.

Sample of how your profile can look

Diligence — Checklist

Background image

People love lists. It makes it clear and explicit what you bring to the table. And by leaving one blank, you show your hungry and want more. This is great for jobs that look for specific personality traits — think sales.

And here’s an example of your future profile:

Sample profile

Thank you for taking the time to read. As always, I’m open to suggestions on how to improve one’s job prospects, let me know your thoughts below.

Feel free to like, share, or follow me for more related content, thank you.



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