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Kicking out Procrastination with Pomodoro Technique

We all have been there wanted to do something and we know it’s vital, but we slip through doing something which is not the need of the hour then feel pity about the lost time.

We are not new to it, aren’t we? We call this sluggish activity procrastination.

Calm your braces we are all in the same shoes, fighting day-in and day-out tryna do something to overcome this painful feeling.

What if I say, I got a solution for it? A solution that helps you keep out of distractions and procrastination?

Well, the solution for all this chaos in our mind is a Pomodoro Timer, literally, a Tomato might help you. Seriously a tomato? Yup, but before getting into the technique let us see whats the core reasons for procrastination.

I believe in Knowing the problem much better will ease the workflow of solving it! You hear it here remember.

Breaking down Procrastination

When you procrastinate, you feel better — but only temporarily. In this, procrastination shares common features with addiction.

We think about something we don’t want to do particularly then the pain centers of our brain light up. So we shift and narrow our focus of attention to something more enjoyable which makes us feel better for some amount of time.

Process Vs Product :

When it comes to learning in general, you should realize that it’s perfectly normal to start with a few negative feelings about beginning a learning session.

Credits to Nils and Jonas Salzgeber for this picture

Even when it’s a subject you ordinary like it’s how you handle those feelings that matter.

Quit wasting time and just go with it eventually we will feel better about it. To overcome this we should learn to focus on Process, not on Product.

  • Process means the flow of time and the habits and actions associated with that flow of time. For example, I am going to work on that for 20 minutes.
  • Product is an outcome, for example, a homework assignment that we need to finish. For example, I have to finish that assignment.

Product is what triggers the pain that causes us to procrastinate.

Instead, we have to focus on the small chunks of time intervals for a day or even a week to answer a question or prepare for the tests. The process is putting forth our best effort for a short period.

The Technique

Rather than shutting out all distractions with force acknowledge them and understand why you don’t need a distraction.

Below are the steps to achieve Pomodoro at its best :

  • Turn off all distractions, put your phone somewhere away from you, I usually keep my phone in another room, or lock them inside a draw or something. The deal is don’t get those zombies near you.
  • Set a timer for 25 mins or 30. Focus on the timer rather than what you doing, put your work in right after you hit the timer for the next 25 mins or so.
  • Concentrate for the next 25 mins, without dangling your thoughts out of the bound.
  • Take 5 mins to break after every interval of 25 mins.

By doing this concentrating and relaxing we fall into two important states of mind, which are Focused and Diffused mind. To excel in your learning you should be able to tap between these two states simultaneously.

From Mindshift-Barbara Oakley

After the Pomodoro ends those 5 mins of a precious break, the best way to relax and reward your mind by :

  • Walk or jogging
  • Exercise like stretching etc
  • Coffee
  • But avoid social media and distractive kinds of stuff.

The break after Pomodoro depends upon us but makes sure our mind doesn’t fall on other stuff and kill your progress.

If you carried by more than 25 mins it's fine to go on and after that take a break when you possibly can to rest your mind.

To get past procrastination think about the reward you gonna get after the task ends and increase the expectancy. For the task, you do, think about its value what things may happen if you get this right, and decrease the distractions outta mind.

So now on when procrastination strikes, you know what to do. I have given you a tomato as your live saver makes good use of it!

Will write a whole new blog on Focused Vs Diffused mode soon!

Have a great day!




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