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3 min readNov 20, 2020


The article published yesterday reflects the action related to the CSR EUROPE event, which results in a ban on my presence at the event.

I was thinking deeply about and realized that the action delivered me not only the answer described yesterday, but more. I have learned why all the GIANTS open their arms to CIRCULAR ECONOMY, CSR, 17 SDG GOALS, EMISSION TRADING, and more.

It is so obvious and visible and this is why nobody or very few noticed before

The “changes” which are being represented by the about mentioned systems do not require the change of the approach and habits.

Instead of that, just additional procedures and reports would be sufficient. Not the real change, but diverting the responsibility to others, that seems to be the right solution. SOLUTION WELCOME WILL OPEN ARMS BY ALL INVOLVED PARTIES.

Now I do understand why after the unsuccessful resuscitation of DEAD GIANTS, so much time and effort was spent in changing the position of the dead body parts. So much time and money spent on visual effect reminding of the work of soviet embalmers before putting Vladimir Iljic Lenin in his glass sarcophagus under the RED SQUARE and KREMLIN.

I am currently preparing my INDUSTRY 5.0 speech for the pan African conference organized by ESGADIA, it is related (same as speech fo India) to the relation of WASTE and INDUSTRY 5.0. Preparation needs research, so I searched for information and among other sources I was directed first to the UNITED NATIONS website.

It contains 11 years old data and two links

Both dead

This is what I mean by arranging a dead giant body in a welcome pose.

You may understand now, why so many companies and corporations integrated 17 SDG GOALS into the corporate strategy, why so many talk about circular economy, CSR, ZERO WASTE, why so many welcome and adapt immediatelly the Emission trading and claps for PARIS AGREEMENT and GREEN DEAL.

You may understand why despite all the huge investments in recycling and all the organitation established for the penetration of the about mentioned, do not deliver the true change and the planet look worse every single day.

The image above is a screenshot from the EARTHSHOT PRIZE project showing one of the five cathegories — BUILDING A WASTE FREE WORLD

It describes the work I do for seven years already. It describes INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING so as INDUSTRY 5.0, it describes something that prevented already ove one million tons of products and materials to become waste and despite all of that instead of immediate support one more year should be wasted in a search for solution which should do the same.

I hope this article written on October 28th, 2020, would help you not to run in next open arms that look so welcomming before you realize it was just nicely set trap to forget and not to learn about the existing solution.

If you struggle, contact me, I will do my best to help



Michael Rada
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