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Pandemic Proof Marketing

So what is this Pandemic Proof Marketing? Yes! you’re correct, it’s Social Media Marketing.

In a situation like this, the most beneficial source of marketing would be Social Media. This is because conducting conventional marketing methods in the middle of a pandemic would be pretty much impossible.

How can you engage with your customers when they have no way to visit you, physically?

How to build authentic relationships with your customers when it’s hard to personally talk to them?

How to get your message to the public quickly and with a limited budget?

How to make sure your message reached the market sector you wanted?

What has happened to Conventional Marketing Methods after this pandemic?

Some conventional marketing methods include distributing brochures or handouts, banners, and TV advertising. It is impossible for a customer to visit your local business in the middle of a pandemic when they are not even allowed to leave the house. TV advertisements can be used but in the present-day people are more used to being in front of a smartphone than in front of a TV. Because of these reasons, the probability of conventional methods being successful decreases. A pandemic would affect your brand a lot because you would not be able to host any conventional marketing campaigns.

When each and every person is made to follow stay-in-home procedures, all means of office work, religious activities, studies, and everything else are conducted online. Due to the high usage of the Internet and smartphones for daily activities, the use of Social Media increases rapidly. Conventional marketing methods, or if you would say “outbound” marketing methods were highly affected in this period. With the rising usage of the internet, conventional methods would not be efficient as Social Media Marketing.

How can we overcome these issues through social media marketing?

Let’s talk about how your business can be promoted in the middle of a Pandemic. There are 3 main platforms where you can first build up your social media presence; Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While Facebook has over 2.7 billion users worldwide, Instagram has over 1 billion users and LinkedIn has around 722 million. Furthermore, during the pandemic, 10.5% more people around the world got into social media. With these statistics, you can see what a huge audience you have to pitch your products and services.

Social Media is a great place to create a conversation with your audience and to be a part of it. This is a great advantage to you because you can get all your feedback from one place. 50% of consumers follow brands on social media to learn about new products or services. Therefore, you can engage with your customers daily by putting special offers, product details, interesting posts/videos, and educational content around your niche. You can use ad campaigns to market your products by promoting them to a target audience who would be interested in them. After you market your brand like so, potential customers who are actively looking for your product will come across it. 77% of consumers will buy from a brand over another when they follow on social media. It’s the “Evergreen” method of marketing.

So how would you start off with Social Media Marketing? You can follow the 4 steps mentioned to strategically build up a social media presence,

1. Depending on your business course and the target market choose a relevant platform.

2. Optimizing the platforms you chose depending on the target market and your brand voice.

3. Building up a content strategy aligning with your business goals for the month and overall.

4. Building up communication with your audience while being a part of it.

How can Code94 Labs help you?

For a brand that’s entering the social media world, you might find these steps hard to follow. But at Code94 Labs, we will guide and assist you throughout the entire process and we can help you grow your brand, together!



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