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The Ultimate Marketing Strategy For Social Media

How do you stay ahead in social media marketing?

At first, there was Friendster, then Myspace, then Facebook, now Instagram.

What’s next?

It doesn’t matter; you can dominate any social media platform IF you know the one thing that never changes.

But first, let’s dig into what most people do with social media marketing.

The Average Marketer

Simply put, they get into the “weeds.”

The average marketer thinks studies the nuts and bolts of the algorithm.

People always talk about “cracking the algorithm,” they think building an audience is a puzzle to solve.

They believe posting content at the right time of day, with the right trending emojis, music, and hashtags, is the key to viral content.

It’s not. Marketers like that are trying to catch their shadow.

However, do you know what never changes, regardless of the platform?

One word…

… People

The answer to social media marketing is NOT technology.

It’s psychology.

How great is that?

No matter what platform you’re on, people’s psychology changes very little.

Are you ready to dig into an evergreen social media marketing strategy?

Step 1: Whatever your niche, there’s a community for it

You are not looking for your dream customers.

You are going where your dream customers already get together.

Where are their “watering holes”?

Imagine how much time and money you save when you meet your customers where they already are.

Most marketers search for their customers.

They create high-quality content.

Then, they run ads on social media, tweak their marketing message, try to increase click-through rates, cost per click, and return on ad spend.

It’s a ton of trial and error, and it gets expensive.

But, what if that person took their content and shared it with one (free) group in their niche.


What if you shared your message with a Facebook group of 50,000 people already interested in your niche?

It’s free, it’s easy, and you tap into a pool of warm (qualified) traffic.

Step 2: Build a relationship with the community leaders

Now that you’re part of a community of like-minded people, who is the chief?

People don’t like feeling FOMO (Fear of missing out).

But, they love feeling connected to a movement.

The leaders of your niche’s communities are at the head of the movement.

Think about it; people follow authority figures because they feel influenced.

What if that authority figure told them about you?

And told their community to connect with you!

Instead of working to build years of trust and credibility…

The community leader puts the reputation they’ve built on the line for you.

That’s powerful, but you have to work to earn it.

Nevertheless, when you earn it, one recommendation can equal millions of dollars for you.


Imagine if I spent ten years building a following of a couple of million people on social media.

I get to know you, trust you, and value you in our niche. So, I invite you to share your message with my audience.

At the end of sharing your message, I tell my audience, “Make sure you check out what _____ has to offer.”

Suddenly, thousands of people flood to you and get what you have.

People trust me, so they now trust you. I gave you my following.

Step 3: You start running ads

You have tremendous social proof, so running ads makes perfect sense.

Anyone that clicks on your ads will see your social proof, and many will join due to FOMO.

This phase is where you transform into a thought leader and repeat these steps for other up-and-coming marketers.


  • Go to your audience, don’t make your audience come to you
  • Identify and build a relationship with the community leaders
  • Earn your way into their “inner circle.”
  • Become a thought leader yourself and help elevate other people

By the way, use this link to get your free Customer Path blueprint.

You’ll learn exactly how to guide people from prospect to paying customer.

Over and over again!

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