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3 min readNov 17, 2020


I do not believe that there is anyone reading this article who has not noticed the image used in the header.

It represents SDG GOALS that have been represented by the UNITED NATIONS back in 2015, two years after the introduction of INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING and systematic waste prevention.

When developing INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING and systematic waste prevention methodology I have set one and the only goal, to BUILD WASTELESS WORLD.

After prevented more than 250.000 metric tons of products to become waste, there came UNITED NATIONS and divided one goal into seventeen

Instead of a clear image, a foggy view

Instead of unity, silos

During the time, all start to talk about SDG GOALS, all claim to benefit to them, and select one, two, or more to stay with, but does it mean others are not worth?

It seems like the SDG GOALS deliver soil to NGO, NON-PROFITS, ORGANIZATIONS, and individuals, who try to contribute and ask for money to do so. With the growing financial requests the number of Hackathons, Events, Awards, and Competitions increases, so as the number of funds and investors who decided to take part.

Instead of one and global image, we create a mosaic of sherds and instead of one, it seems like 17 planets are being built.


  • 17 times more space
  • 17 times more money
  • 17 times more time
  • 17 times better future


is it different?

What if instead of multiplying the resources we divide them having 17 times less?

What if instead of making the change efficient, we slow it done? What if instead of speeding up, we slow down. What if instead of going forward we repeat the mistakes of the past?

The SDG GOALS have been introduced by an organization named UNITED NATIONS. The organization which started officially on June 26th, 1945 should UNITE the countries and interests on a global scale. The existence of the UN should prevent war as well.

70 years and more than 650 local war conflicts and 10 million deaths later, the same organization came with a solution that should eliminate the damage caused by ignoring the wrong way from society to consiety (CONSUMABLE SOCIETY) during the entire time of its existence.

It seems like the goals are being developed for industries and individuals. People and entities who can, should profit. In fact, it looks like it is just another business plan, unfortunatelly it seems at the same time the true measurable KPI is missing. It is like the only KPI is the amont of money spent, not the results delivered.

For a long time I was told WASTE PREVENTION is impossible in industrial upcycling. One million tons of products which did not become waste, prove this is not true. INDUSTRY 5.0 was unnoticed, but today 400K search results are being delivered by google.

I am just a man, I am HUMAN but I hope my words reach UNITED NATIONS and all its members and all think deep about the idea to support RESULTS and NOT STORIES

If you are still strugning, just connect to me, I will do my best ho help



Michael Rada
Plus Marketing

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0