Breaking News for the last time: 5 Things You Missed In Tech

One of my favorite news sources is shutting down. I really liked Breaking News because it was timely, it was not editorialized, and it showed up straight in my Twitter feed. I spend most of my day in Twitter, so it was my main source of up-to-the minute news.

Kickstarter is open-sourcing their mobile apps. This is a great learning opportunity for people to see what a production-quality mobile app looks like, on both platforms. A cursory look reveals that the apps are quite complex, but they serve as great examples since they’re real. Especially cool is the fact that they’re continuing to develop them, but out in the open. This will be a great way to pull back the curtain on professional app development.

EA has released a new Need for Speed game in VR for Google Daydream. It is now available for purchase for $14.99, which is pretty steep for a mobile game. However, if you always dreamed of being put in the driver’s seat and all you have is a Google Pixel, now’s your chance! I’m still waiting for my Axon 7 to get Daydream support, like ZTE promised. 🤞

I broadcasted on Instagram Live for the first time. It was a pretty underwhelming experience, mostly because I’m not an interesting person. This feature should be live for all users in the US at this point. If you don’t see it, update your app. Then follow me.

Amazon is now delivering packages by drone. Right now, it’s like 2 people in the United Kingdom, but they’re looking to aggressively expand. I remember when the first Prime Air video came out, it seemed more like a PR stunt than a serious endeavor. However, it’s clear that Amazon is pushing forward. They’re starting in the UK because of flight regulations, but hopefully they’ll make their way over to the US soon. All they have to do now is figure out how to prevent people from shooting them with a shotgun…

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