Growing influence of Latino donors is on the rise in the United States.

Juan Proaño
Plus Three
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15 min readNov 5, 2019

Latino community on track to donate over $100 Million dollars to Democratic Presidential Candidates through 2020 elections.

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Having worked at the intersection of technology, politics and fundraising since 2002, I have always been fascinated by what data can reveal about human nature and our giving tendencies. My initial contract for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2002 was to build the first national voter file with 250 million registered and eligible voters in the United States with 40 years of voting history. This database and all of the systems it supported went on to raise over $65 million dollars online and for the first time in modern history, helping the DNC outraise the Republican National Committee. Since that time, I have worked on three Presidential campaigns and many more federal and state level campaigns for Democratic and progressive candidates.

This opportunity led me down a track to pursue my interest in technology and politics while helping non-profit organizations benefit from low dollar online fundraising. Since 2002, Plus Three has raised more than $500 million dollars for our non-profit clients including organizations like LULAC, Hispanic Federation, DREAM Activists, American Latino Museum , the Adelante Movement and countless other non-profit organizations nationwide. Today, we manage relationships with over 1 million Latinos online and we have had an opportunity to see first hand how Latinos can be engaged to promote advocacy and fundraising.

In all of these years of fundraising one thing I have not seen is an accounting by either of the major political parties of Latino giving. Granted, both the Democratic and Republican party talk about the importance of the Latino vote and Presidential campaigns are rolling out elaborate marketing campaigns trying to win over Latino voters, but who are Latinos actually investing in? For years we have had the technology and data to properly account for Latino giving and yet it’s something that has never been publicly made available until now.

Given the importance of the 2020 Presidential election and the focus on Latinos, and issues important to our community, we analyzed 4,712,247 contributions totaling $131,273,383 to Democratic Presidential Candidates to…

Juan Proaño
Plus Three

Juan Proaño is an entrepreneur, technologist, and business leader who is active in civic affairs and progressive politics. Proaño is co-founder of Plus Three.