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Our Clients’ Success is our Success

As the Design Agency, we should be fuel for our clients as they travel toward their end goals.

If you boil the role of the ‘design agency’ down, you’ll soon find that it reduces to a single key concept: your job is to make your client(s) successful.

Regardless of the type of client, here are 6 easy pointers which will keep them happy:

1. Mean business.

No matter the ethos, culture or style in which you work, when dealing with clients it’s best to meet them in person to present a sense of understanding, empathy and common vision.

Assess the demeanour of the client or business and carry yourself accordingly. If you are proud of a long-term relationship with a client, why not pull your online presence in line with theirs? Doing so may bag you prospective clients who are just like them.

2. Be the hero

Try to preempt potential flaws or overlooked problems with a rolled-out or proposed system.

Take a few moments to map the problems out and try to iron out the kinks in the plan before they become prevalent or publicised. Ask questions and provide solutions for potential issues.

Your proactivity will earn you positive points with the client and help carry out the project successfully.

3. Keep ’em in the loop

I don’t mean that you should have Mr Client over your shoulder as you fiddle with his logo. I’m saying that including them in your process is very important and you should prove that your inclusion in their business vision is likewise vital.

Shed light on why you do certain things — like colour associations and responsive design — and it’ll allow the client better understanding the value of your work.

This will give your client a better sense of ownership of the project. Better yet, they will feel confident enough to actually speak or answer questions about the project while you’re around.

4. Let your work speak for itself

Spread word — with client consent, of course — about the company you’ve contributed to and share your finished project online. This is a platform you can leverage for free advertising.

Keep your portfolio polished and up to date. You can also link your clients with each other. A referral network is a great point of connection for you and will portray you in a positive light.

5. The cherry on top

Don’t toil your life away or settle for extortion, but do provide a value-add. If you have a rad client who you enjoy working with, feel free to slip them an extra something when you hand over the goods. Provide a cool wallpaper based on their work, for example.

This demonstrates that you have bought into their business, and that you support their creative direction. A tactic like this also stands you in good stead for referrals as you’re sure to land yourself at the front of their mind.

6. Make them happy

While it’s your duty to put some fly work out, keep in mind that your offering has to be purpose built within a specific context — for the client and people your clients serve, not necessarily yourself. Try to hit the nail on the head rather than go back and forth during revisions.

That being said, if you’re aching to flex your creative muscle, try the following approach where you produce three concepts:

  1. Exactly what is asked
  2. An evolution of that
  3. A revolution of that

It’s a great way to showcase your competence and understanding, all while sliding that dope idea through the door.

In conclusion, here are three small but mighty reminders:

  1. Every piece of work you let leave your desk is a reflection of you.

2. If you’re preparing to build client relations, ensure (as far as possible) that the relationship is a mutually beneficial one.

3. If asked who did a certain project, a client should want to share your information and not feel embarrassed about the referral.



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