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The UX of Easter Eggs

A true user eggsperience 🥚

The First

This is the entry level Easter Egg. The Easter Egg for the people.
Chocolate on the outside, mallow on the inside, this roughly pill shaped disk presents itself in a wrapper that is tailored from the ground up to summon your inner child. The child that you’ve locked in the cupboard since last Easter, in favour of a quinoa and legume-based diet.

The Second

The Third

Much like the third day of Easter, the final Easter Egg presents a surprise. It’s not an egg at all. It’s a rabbit. A hare. A bunny. One so user friendly, he wears a bell on his collar. This Swiss rabbit (who shall henceforth be named Peter) has been developed laboriously by masters of the craft, having every bug, glitch and little inconsistency ironed out for a discerning user such as yourself.

Final Thoughts

Being no fan of marshmallow and having no interest in bunnies, I myself am a Candy Egg kind of guy. For me, the product ticks the box for textural juxtaposition and scores points by combining experiences of hard candy and smooth chocolate into one well rounded (ahem) user journey.



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