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Introducing the Plutos Ambassador Program

We are thrilled to launch Plutos Ambassador Program with a reward pool of $80k to #BUIDL along side our great community.

Plutos Network is the next-generation synthetic investment hub built on an industry first multi-chain architecture, Solana, BSC and Polkadot. By reimagining the investment experience, our users can stake while investing, create and mint their own assets.

With an extensive pipeline of partnerships and products to release, our ecosystem is growing rapidly and we’re looking for people from across the globe to join us on our mission. The Plutos team is excited to announce that we are opening up applications for our Ambassador Program!

With a strong emphasis on our community, with your help, we want to expand and establish local ambassadors for communities around the globe.

Apply here

Plutos Ambassadors Program

Our Plutos ambassador program aims to identify leaders in the community passionate about Plutos Network, synthetics, Solana, Polkadot, BSC and investing. We’re looking for self-starters that can spread the word about Plutos Network in their local areas and provide support to new users.

Ambassador Advantages

At Plutos, we endeavor to achieve. Similarly, Ambassadors are expected to commit time when joining our team and will be rewarded with a mass of benefits.

Token Incentives

You will be rewarded for good work with tiered level token incentives.

3 month term contribution. Incentives are one-time payment upon the end of this term based on the contribution and performance of the participants. Ambassadors Selected will be announced for clarity.

Official endorsement

Plutos Network will officially endorse your channels as an ambassador and support you in your efforts.

Future business collaboration

You’ll have direct access to the core Plutos team with opportunities for communication access, exclusive AMAs with our leaders and developers, and insight into our roadmap.

Network Support

Expect to grow your professional network by being an Ambassador for one of the top multi-chain projects. Meet other ambassadors around the world and receive introductions to local projects that we need to support locally.

How does it work?

Our Ambassador program has multiple tiers, each tier has different benefits and capabilities. You can move up tiers by participating in Ambassador activities and working hard for us. Once you have sent through an application, we will select candidates that align with our values.

Ambassador Actions

Plutos Ambassadors can contribute through four key areas: event management, content creation, translation, and community moderation. With participation permitted in as many areas as you want.

Event Management

Build local communities by holding, forming, and managing various events. By building a local community this will be central to growing the Plutos community. Plutos may also support you by providing funding for events, as well as attending Q&As or online events as speakers or in AMA sessions.

Content Creation

Content includes videos, infographics, tutorials, animations, or any other related material, to inform, educate, or inspire community members within the Plutos Ecosystem. Plutos will support Content Creators by providing branding assets and expertise. We’ll also use Plutos marketing channels to increase awareness of your content (and yourself).


Our users are global! We need your help making Plutos Network more accessible by translating our content into your own language, as well as helping sharing the word to our international communities.

Community Moderation

Moderators will help grow the Plutos Network community by ensuring that official community channels are active and engaging. Plutos will support Moderators by promoting the channels that they monitor, as well as provide guidelines for our expectations.

Apply Now!

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