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Plutos Network March 2022 Update

March for Plutos Network

A continued drive brings us closer towards our goal of becoming the ultimate DeFi synthetic investment hub. The first iteration of the trading module is complete. The team will now look towards

  1. Encompassing more assets including stocks and swaps.
  2. Integration into a true multi-chain DeFi investment hub with Solana, MATIC, AVAX .
  3. Focus efforts on marketing & branding to drive user growth + acquisition.

Monthly Highlights

  • Testnet on Ropsten V3 Plutos platform a success with user feedback collated.
  • V3 of the Plutos Network platform reaches mainnet.
  • Duet staking live now co launched with MyMessage for 120% APY.
  • Tonnes of AMAs on CryptoStalkers, GemMouse.
  • Plutos Vault borrowing rewards sent.

Technical Development Updates

V3.0 on mainnet to include first version of Plutos Network trade module.

After a successful testnet on Ethereum Ropsten in which our development team collated user feedback, Plutos Network officially launched on Ethereum testnet first. At this stage, it introduces some key innovations to synthetics:

  • Trade module live on mainnet
  • World’s first synthetic platform introducing voucher token CHIP
  • User dashboard & rankings
  • New user incentives

The trade module allows users to trade synthetic assets on Plutos Network. The next steps will now be to introduce new assets including stock and crypto and continuously improve the platform. Alongside this, the platform will begin integrations to become truly multi-chain.

The user guideline and tutorial is found here.

Ecology Development

Duet staking with myMessage

Rosemary Pool LIVE now with 120% APY

🕜 Staking Period: 60 Days
🍬 Reward: $MESA
Hurry up, stake your $PLUT & earn more

Plutos Network will work with myMessage, a leading SocialFi and Web3 project in terms of technical integration, staking services and more!

Weekly Vault Rewards

Rewards of users of our Synthetic platform with the largest weekly borrowing amounts. Receive rewards 30 days from staking. Up to $1000 $PLUT weekly in our incentive plan.

Enter Vault here
Rewards list:
1. 0xef1874a8b0eea079eb2*******caa22643ba1 $1000
2. 0x759a5e2e2021ff50*******c74fd7c0f92 $800

Marketing and PR

AMAs with CryptoStalkers and GemMouse to discuss plans and development.

Recap of AMA with Crypto Stalker found here.

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