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Plutos Network September 2021 Update

A massive September with huge developments as we go into Q4. Expect more product releases, partnerships and listings. Check out our Q4 roadmap for what’s in store, including a migration to Solana.

Monthly Highlights

  • Plutos Network officially launches main product synthetic system V1.0 for testing.
  • V5 and V6 staking launches, our largest pools ever alongside a partner pool with Zilliqa.
  • Plutos Network launches 1st Liquidity Reward Program on PancakeSwap.
  • Plutos Network passes highly regarded PeckShield auditing.

Technical Development Updates

  • Swap bridge v1 open now. Testnet faucet airdrop and testnet staking successfully conclude, the platform scalability has been tested and is ready for mass application.This bridge is for users who hold testnet tokens to swap into mainnet PLUT tokens. Swap here.
  • V5 Staking Live Now. Our largest pools ever are open. Jelly Bean & Marshmallow pools. Earn up to 100% APY staking $PLUT. Based on your chosen lock up period. Stake here.
  • Plutos Network passes PeckShield auditing. A huge milestone reached as the Plutos Network synthetic V1. systems pass the highly regarded @peckshield audits. Read it here.
  • Plutos Network launches 1st Liquidity Reward Program on @PancakeSwap. The Program is to bootstrap liquidity of $PLUT and minimize slippage when trading. $30k of PLUT tokens as rewards on a monthly basis. Find out more here.
  • Plutos Network launches Synthetic System V1.0 on Ropsten & offers $10,000 to users who test the product and offer feedback for improvements.

Ecology Development

  • Plutos Ambassador Program launches. A reward pool of $80,000 to #BUIDL along side our community. Over 400 ambassadors join us internationally. Check out some of our unofficial new communities run by our ambassadors:

Plutos Network Turkish Telegram 🇹🇷 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Turkish Twitter 🇹🇷 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Nigeria Telegram 🇳🇬 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Polish Twitter 🇵🇱(Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Russia Telegram 🇷🇺(Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Indonesia Telegram 🇮🇩 (Ambassador run)
Plutos Network India Telegram 🇮🇳(Ambassador run)
Plutos Network Sri Lanka Twitter 🇱🇰(Ambassador run)

  • Plutos Network partners with @zilliqa. on SaaS services, future technical integration and launches Zilliqa Staking Pool. Stake $PLUT to return $ZIL at 150% APY. Stake here.

Marketing and PR

  • Plutos Network $PLUT listed on @CoinMarketCap. For all your realtime live data on Plutos Network and our PLUT token. Check it out here.
  • Plutos Network to hosts AMA with Zilliqa. Dr. Amrit Kumar was with us discussing our new partnership with @Zilliqa and their project specific developments.
  • Meet the Plutos Team. With a huge pipeline of partnerships, product launches and listings, you’re still early. Check out our global team here.

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