Gain Full Control of Your Finances 完全掌握您的资金

Your guide on easy access to funds and earning interest on the Plutus lending app. 通过普利拓斯贷款应用程序上轻松获得资金和赚取利息的指南。

Gain Full Control of Your Finances, Plutus Capital

FinTech company Plutus Capital aims to give more people control over their personal finances by addressing two financial challenges that most people face — firstly the difficulty in borrowing money, and secondly, the non-competitive interest rates provided by financial intermediaries from investing funds.

Plutus has developed a financial ecosystem that easily helps people have more ownership over their finances by providing easy access to borrowing funds, as well as competitive interest rates on funds staked.

Borrowing on the App

The app is built on leading financial technology that is secure and safe. A community of developers and engineers oversee the development of the app to ensure that it works smoothly.

Anyone who registers on the app can easily borrow funds. At the moment, users can borrow cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, with plans to add more cryptocurrencies at a later stage.

Users simply have to offer digital or cryptocurrency as collateral to borrow on the Plutus lending app. They can borrow up to 50% of the value of the collateral that they stake.

Once a transaction is approved, the funds are immediately reflected in the wallet on the lending app.

Earning on the App

All users who deposit funds on the lending app can earn a passive income.

The current interest rate offered by the app is 12% per annum paid in PLT (or 9% per annum if paid in BTC), which is the highest in the market, among traditional and crypto banking institutions.

Regain Financial Control

Take control of your finances now with the Plutus lending app.

Simply download the app on your smartphone and create an account. After buying PLT with USDT, you can start to stake the money to earn interest or use PLT as collateral for borrowing.

For more information, get in touch at

Before you buy or invest in Plutus tokens, please take the time to understand the rewards model, as well as the risks involved. All decisions that you make on the Plutus platform will be your sole responsibility.

About Plutus Capital
Plutus Capital is backed by a FinTech system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can enforce greater control of his own funds. The Plutus blockchain and token rely on the tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure.

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金融科技公司普利拓斯资本,旨在通过解决大多数人面临的两大财务挑战,让更多人能够更轻易地掌握个人的财务状况 — — 首先是借款面临的困难,其次是金融中介机构从投资基金提供的非竞争性利率。




















Plutus is a democratised financial ecosystem. Plutus is a technological enabler for a myriad of fintech use cases. Plutus is a financial revolution that will disintermediate existing systems. Plutus will disrupt the way banking is perceived.

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Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital allows anyone & everyone access to financial services for full control of your funds & financial investments.

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