Plutus Capital launches decentralised financial app, offering the highest interest rates in the market. 普利拓斯资本推出分散式金融应用程序,提供市场上最高的利率。

Built on cutting-edge technology, the app provides lenders with security and transparency on all transactions. 这款应用程序基于尖端技术,为贷款人提供所有交易的安全性和透明度。

Plutus Capital launches decentralised financial app, offering the highest interest rates in the market.

Fintech company Plutus Capital has launched a decentralised financial (DeFi) app with a suite of financial services for individuals who want more control over their own funds and the associated financial risks.

Users of the app have full transparency on how their funds are being lent out, where their funds flow, and how the funds lent are being used on the app. At the same time, they enjoy the highest interest rates offered, in comparison with traditional as well as crypto financial institutions.

Transparency & Security

The Plutus app is built on a peer-to-peer blockchain that runs on a peer-to-peer computing network. The open source and decentralised nature of the blockchain makes it tamper-proof, and provides smart contracts and validation to ensure that all transactions are secure, protected, and unedited.

Thus, users have full control over their financial risk, which is unlike traditional financial intermediaries, where transactions are hidden behind thick walls, and lenders have no idea or control over how their funds flow.

Robert Wojciechowski, Technical Advisor of Plutus Capital, emphasises the revolutionary nature of how they are going about things, “Financial entities want you to believe that things cannot change, but we believe that technology allows us to shake the foundations that they have sat so comfortably on for the greater good of shifting power to the consumer.”

The Plutus app will also allow users to invest in crypto assets, as well as earn a passive income from taking various actions on the DeFi app such as validating transactions performed on the platform.

Highest Interest Rates in the Market

The Plutus app currently offers 12% per annum interest. This is the highest offered in the market, when compared with both traditional and crypto banking institutions.

Governance of Monetary Policy

As Plutus is a decentralised financial platform, no single person is able to control the chain or the token price. This means that the monetary supply of the app is dynamically driven by fundamentals of economic activity from staking.

Therefore, stakers of the Plutus platform collectively decide the development of the app — they vote on the app’s governance and are able to change economic and monetary policy with 51% of votes. Just recently, the Plutus blockchain held a public vote on the future of the Plutus token (PLT); more than 51% of the stakers voted for PLT to be listed. Prior to this, the Plutus token was not listed anywhere.

This means that the monetary supply of the app is dynamically driven by the fundamentals of economic activity from staking.

As the Plutus chain is subject to volatile forces and price discovery, the users who make up the Plutus community will collectively review the app’s monetary policy every month. The feedback will go towards an annual review of the monetary policy. This is an important aspect of being a part of the Plutus community, since the supply of Plutus coins affects many things, from the function of market prices and staking value, to the demand for staking.

The Plutus governance is also backed by the app itself, as oversupply and undersupply values are stop losses that are coded into the app. Thus, a mix of machine and human governance oversee the Plutus platform.

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Before you buy or invest in Plutus tokens, please take time to understand the rewards model, as well as the risks involved. All decisions that you make on the Plutus platform will be your sole responsibility.

About Plutus Capital
Plutus Capital is backed by a decentralised financial system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can become a bank and enforce greater control of his own funds. This system relies on tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure.

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普利拓斯资本的技术顾问Robert Wojciechowskiert强调了他们做事方式的革命性,“金融实体希望您相信事情不能改变,但我们相信,技术可以让我们改革他们曾经如此安稳的基础,从而将权力转移到消费者身上。”

















Plutus is a democratised financial ecosystem. Plutus is a technological enabler for a myriad of fintech use cases. Plutus is a financial revolution that will disintermediate existing systems. Plutus will disrupt the way banking is perceived.

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Plutus Capital allows anyone & everyone access to financial services for full control of your funds & financial investments.

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