Plutus Capital Testnet Launch 普利拓斯测试网启动

DeFI platform Plutus aims to demolish financial systems by 2020 去中心化金融平台普利拓斯将在2020年彻底改变金融系统

Consumers speak of banks as an imperative service required for transactions and financing services. Is that still accurate in the world today?

We’ve seen many technology introductions to the financial industry still acting as banks and middlemen without solving the crux of the issue caused by the existing processes. Consumers are made to continue accepting the same “improved” process and competitive transaction fees with merely just providing convenience to consumers. With information and data securely transacted at this modern age, financial institutes and fintech are still entrusted with decision-making responsibilities with consumers’ finance.

This provides an opportunity for Plutus Capital to solve the existing issue of providing financing services for billions of underprivileged while giving back true financial freedom.

About Plutus Capital

Started in 2018, Plutus Capital is backed by a decentralised financial system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can enforce greater control of his own funds. This system relies on tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure.

Robert Wojciechowskiert, founder of Plutus Capital, says of the Plutus’ project,

“For centuries, humanity has been oppressed by the financial systems imposed upon them. We believe that the key to unlocking economic equality, prosperity and financial freedom lies in changing the very foundation that financial institutions are building on. With Plutus, we are rethinking the ecosystem in a revolutionary new way.”

Opportunities in current financial system

Cross border transactions have high interest rates and fees to the consumers. The process also takes ages, when it can be instant in the digital world. This is the result of inefficient intermediaries and processes required.

Banks earn by investing the money we keep in our accounts. However, we barely earn anything from the yields of these investments. The financial structure has made banks to be insolvent because there is no incentive to change the way things are.

Intrigued? Now here’s the solution.

Introducing Plutus, a solution that brings to you financial services through secured automation using blockchain technology. Plutus’ infrastructure answers the modern needs of users with higher efficiency and lowered fees.

Here are our promises:

  • Minimal Fees: With automation, Plutus takes away the cost of middlemen and additional administrative fees
  • Dynamic interest rates: Depending on various factors, interest rates are calculated automatically. When Plutus’ earn, you earn.
  • P2P lending with small amounts: No minimum burdens, just loan what you need.
  • Efficient/instant transactions: You never need to wait for multiple parties to process cross border transactions.
  • User protection and benefit: insurance funds are used to insure lenders event of default cases.
  • Fund redistribution within the ecosystem: Guarantors will receive incentives from insurance funds. By playing a part in the ecosystem, you stand to gain from your contribution when the fund yields profit.
  • Self-learning through AI: The system continues to improve so it gets smarter and provides consumers with better services.

How does it work?

Plutus Capital consists of various participants, such as the validators (supernode) and various functions of account holders — guarantors, borrowers and lenders.

A borrower will create an account to be an account holder. Giving basic demographic inputs and personal data, a credit score will be given. This credit score increases or decreases when activities happen on-chain, which will impact the dynamic interest rates for the borrower.

The borrower can look for up to 3 guarantors, either off-chain, or via on-chain matching. Each participating guarantor will deposit a percentage of the amount borrowed into the insurance fund.

Based on the data, the lender will decide to lend the money and this transaction will be governed by a smart contract with variables like amount, repayment date, interest rates.

When a successful loan transaction has been made on time, the lender gets the interest and principle. The guarantor gets back the deposit and additional incentives for the return of stake from the insurance fund.

When issues arise, the supernodes will enter to resolve the disputes. Supernodes will also get incentives when they validate transactions and activities on the blockchain.

The insurance fund measures the health of the entire ecosystem. Interest rates will be lowered based on the health of the insurance fund. The insurance fund is used to protect the lenders in situations of default case.

Moving forward with Plutus Capital

As of press time, testnet has been launched for the project. The speed of the chain is tested to be faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum, priming the platform to be suited for large scale transactions required in the financial industry.

(Link to Testnet video:

Here are the milestones that have been set in place for 2020:

In Q1:

  • Plutus will be launched on the main net as of press time.
  • Plutus key MOUs signing and enterprise adoption within Southeast Asia.

In Q2:

  • Plutus Net will be opened for Fintech Businesses, allowing ecosystem partners to plug in to the apps and dapps.
  • Plutus will continue its expansion in Asia.
  • Plutus will be made interoperable with key partners.

In Q3:

  • Plutus will enable collateralisation of bonds and commodities on the blockchain through the partners.
  • Plutus will begin data mining on-chain and processes using Big Data tools.
  • Plutus will begin AI development and integration.

In Q4:

  • Plutus will combine their AI technology and data mining to enable Robo lending and borrowing.
  • Plutus will enable digital banks through partnerships.

Moving forward, with the increase in users data and insurance funds, Plutus Capital’s system will be working towards a self-adjusting and self-learning blockchain technology, requiring minimal human intervention while optimising transactional activities. This ensures providing better risk analysis, lowest possible interest rate and better incentives for the participants in Plutus Capital.

About Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital is backed by a decentralised financial system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can become a bank and enforce greater control of his own funds. This system relies on tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure.

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消费者将银行视为交易和融资所必需的服务。 在当今社会里,这仍然准确吗?







银行通过投资我们保留在帐户中的资金来赚钱。 但是,我们从这些投资的收益中几乎得不到任何收益。 因为没有动力改变现状,所以财务结构使银行变得无力偿债。


由于银行是主要问题,因此需要一种无需任何中介即可进行借贷的解决方案。 今天,这种解决方案是非常有可能的。

为您介绍普利拓斯,该解决方案可使用区块链技术并通过自动化的安全措施为您提供金融服务。 普利拓斯的基础架构以更高的效率和更低的费用满足了用户的现代需求。


  • 最低费用:通过淘汰中介,您将不必为中介的成本和额外的管理付费
  • 动态利率:根据各种因素自动计算利率。我们赚钱,您也同时赚钱。
  • 小额点对点贷款:没有沉重的负担,只需为您需要数目贷款。
  • 高效/即时交易:您无需浪费时间等待多方处理您的跨境交易。
  • 用户保护与利益:保险基金用于向贷方发生违约事件提供保险。
  • 生态系统内的资金重新分配:担保人将从保险基金中获得奖励。 通过在生态系统中发挥作用,当基金产生利润时,您将从自己的贡献中受益。
  • 通过人工智能进行自我学习:我们一直在改进系统,使其变得更智能,并为您提供更好的服务。




普利拓斯的创始人Robert Wojciechowskiert对此项目提到,“几个世纪以来,人类一直被强加在他们身上的金融系统压迫。 我们认为,释放经济平等,繁荣和金融自由的关键在于改变金融机构赖以建立的基础。 借助普利拓斯,我们正在以一种革命性的新方式重新思考生态系统。”






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