Trade Plutus Tokens on DigiFinex from November 11, 2020 P币将于11月11日在D网出售

Find out how to be rewarded with PLT on the crypto exchange when you register as a new user, trade actively, or stake PLT. 了解如何在注册为新用户后利用加密货币交易来获取PLT

Trade Plutus Tokens on DigiFinex from November 11, 2020 | Plutus Capital

Mark your calendars for this November 11, for the listing of Plutus token (PLT) on DigiFinex! Starting from 11am (GMT+8), investors can trade PLT on the crypto exchange.

PLT will be listed at US$1.20, and be paired with USDT. More cryptocurrency pairings will be available in the future.

The decision to list Plutus token on DigiFinex is voted by our existing community members in order to increase the liquidity of PLT, and expand the community of the Plutus ecosystem.

To support this, Plutus Capital is running a series of events with Digifinex from November 11, 11am (GMT+8) until November 20, 11am (GMT+8).

PLT Reward for New Users

If you have been thinking of trading in Plutus tokens, this is a great time to do so!

The first 500 new users who register during the event period will each receive 10 PLT each (approximately US$12 in total).

The reward will be distributed based on the new user’s time of registration, on a first-come-first-serve basis, and subject to the following requirements:

  • The trading volume of PLT should be higher than 100 USDT
  • The net deposit amount in the user’s account is greater than 100 PLT (net deposit amount = deposit amount less of withdrawal amount)

Additionally, any new users who register during this event will be able to receive a 10 USDT trial fund for perpetual swap trading, on the condition that their PLT trading volume reaches 100 USDT or their net deposit reaches 100 PLT. This reward is given only once per new user.

PLT Reward for Trading

Users who are regular traders will be rewarded with PLT, when their trading volume of PLT reaches 1,000 USDT and they rank among the top 20 traders by volume at the end of the event.

Rewards start from 500 PLT each for those ranked 11th to 20th, and go up to 8,000 PLT for the top ranked trading volume (view table below).

Rewards for PLT trading competition | Plutus Capital

Users whose trading volume of PLT is not in the top 20 but still reach 1,000 USDT will share among themselves 2,000 PLT, which will be distributed according to each user’s trading volume.

PLT Reward for Staking

If your investment strategy is HODLing, you will be rewarded for locking PLT in the candy box on the DigiFinex app.

The amount of PLT awarded will depend on the amount of PLT locked in the candy box over the number of days the amount is locked, with an interest of 0.3% (view table below).

The minimum locking period is 5 days, and the maximum is 20 days. There must be at least 100 PLT locked at a time in the DigiFinex candy box to qualify for this PLT reward.

A total of 25,000 PLT will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis, and each user can be rewarded with up to 1,000 PLT.

Reward Distribution

All rewards will be distributed seven days after the event ends, and all decisions are final.

About DigiFinex

Short for Digital Asset Financial Exchange, DigiFinex is a cryptocurrency exchange owned and operated by DigiFinex Limited, which is registered in Seychelles and headquartered in Singapore.

This exchange was designed primarily for the Asian market, and funded by blockchain enthusiasts. The core team draws experience from prominent technology companies such as Baidu, Tencent, HP, and Xunlei.

DigiFinex takes security very seriously — they have promised to conduct a US SEC Level Audit System each year. This is in addition to the identity verifications that are currently in place to comply with KYC regulations.

This forms the basis of creating a stable trading environment for traders, who can expect scalable HDM wallets (offline cold and multi-layer hot wallet) as well as special exchange service solutions (protect against attacks).

The company has also pledged to cooperate with authorities to determine any instances of suspicious activity.

All these actions contribute to creating open and transparent market information, so as to establish a safe and stable trading environment for users.

There is no cost for depositing money at DigiFinex, while withdrawal fees will be based on the currency being withdrawn. Trading fees are calculated on the trading volume of the past 30-days and are differentiated between maker and taker fees.

Before you buy or invest in Plutus tokens, please take the time to understand the rewards model, as well as the risks involved. All decisions that you make on the Plutus platform will be your sole responsibility.

About Plutus Capital and Our Ecosystem
Plutus Capital is backed by a FinTech system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can enforce greater control of his own funds. The Plutus blockchain and token rely on the tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure. Our ecosystem platform, PlutusSwap is a revolutionary Automated Market Maker protocol built by the Plutus Capital community and powered by yPLT token.

Besides earning high yield on PlutusSwap, holders of yPLT can vote on proposals and decide on future development of the PlutusSwap ecosystem.

There are over 1500 Monthly Active Users (MAU) on the Plutus Capital Lending app, allowing users to lend, borrow and earn interest.

Plutus Capital will be implementing PlutusSwap’s upcoming AMM into our existing lending app, leveraging on the efficiency of an AMM system instead of using a traditional order book or arbitraging from the various exchanges in order for the lending function to work.

Harnessing on the power of DeFi with the integration of FinTech infrastructure and DeFi protocols!

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P币将于11月11日在D网出售, 普利拓斯







  • PLT成交量高于100 USDT
  • 用户存款净额高于100 PLT(存款净额数 = 存入金额低于提现金额)

任何在活动期间注册的新用户在PLT交易量到达100 USDT或存款净额到达100 PLT时,将收到用于永续合约交易(perpetual swap trading)的10 USDT试用资金。每名用户只能领取此奖励一次。


其他用户如在活动期间将PLT交易量提高至1,000 USDT并成为排名前20名最佳贸易商将可获取PLT。

排名11–20的贸易商可获取高达500 PLT,而前10名更是能获取高达8000 PLT的奖励。(详情如下图)

交易后的PLT奖励, 普利拓斯

PLT交易量不在前20名但仍达到1,000 USDT的用户将在他们之间共享2,000 PLT,并将根据每个用户的交易量进行分配。




如想获得这项奖励,用户必须在D网应用程序的糖果盒子里锁入至少100 PLT长达5–20天。

我们将共25,000 PLT以先到先得的形式让每名用户可以获得高达1,000 PLT的奖励。




D网(Digifinex) 是Digital Asset Financial Exchange的缩写,是由DigiFinex有限公司拥有和运营的一家加密货币交易所,该公司在塞舌尔注册,总部设在新加坡。












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