Using DeFi to Give Financial Services to More People 利用DeFi为更多人提供金融服务

Both the Plutus chain and coin flow are decentralized to enable more people to access a range of financial services. Plutus 链和硬币流都是分散的,以使更多的人能够获得一系列金融服务。

Using DeFi to Give Financial Services to More People, Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital was developed as a solution to a common problem: most people do not have access to financial services such as borrowing funds, trading funds, or transferring funds without incurring large fees.

Built on cutting edge blockchain technology, Plutus is a financial ecosystem that is made up of the Plutus chain and coin flow within the chain.

Each of these components is also decentralized, which means that Plutus does not own or control the chain or the coin flow.

What is the Plutus Chain

The Plutus chain runs on the merit of decentralization, with three components to it:

1) A community of developers and engineers who work on the chain & platform;

2) The user app; and

3) A rewards pool resulting from user activity.

Since its inception, the Plutus chain and app have been maintained by a community of 20 developers and engineers located around the world. Collectively, they have contributed to the smooth running and development of the blockchain that the Plutus chain is built on. At the moment, they are developing the Plutus mining app.

Due to the decentralized nature of the community, as the app grows, they will welcome more developers on board to maintain it.

The Plutus user platform is built on public blockchain infrastructure and uses Proof of Stake algorithm. This means that all transactions performed on the app are open-source and permissionless — they need to be verified by Masternodes, which can be started on any user’s computer. This makes the app more accessible and available to more people.

Besides having access to a range of financial tools, users of the Plutus app are rewarded for their activity on the app. Rewards are generated through various actions. This includes staking Plutus tokens, validating transactions, and building the Plutus community.

A user who stakes PLT and validates transitions becomes a Masternode of the Plutus chain. Masternodes share in the governance of the app, and its future development. They are also rewarded in PLT for every block or action that is produced on the chain, as well as inviting friends and contacts on to the app.

The more active a user is on the app, the more PLT is rewarded to the user.

What is the Plutus Coin

The coin flow of the Plutus chain is maintained by the supernodes of the community. These supernodes can stake coins on the lending app, as well as mine PLT on the app.

The actions of supernodes create rewards. Part of the rewards is returned to the community of developers who are working on the Plutus chain, who continue to improve the user experience and rewards.

Coins mined by users of the Plutus app can be used for investing or lending on the app or in crypto exchanges. These actions will earn rewards for users.

To enable more people greater access to Plutus coin, the app has provided assurance through custodian services provided by Onchain Custodian. This enhances security for all forms of digital assets.

This option also enables users to collateralize real-world assets in exchange for PLT for crypto transactions.

Join the Plutus Community

Anyone can be a part of the Plutus community. As long as you have a smartphone, you will be able to install the Plutus decentralized application (DApp).

After you have obtained PLT tokens with USDT and created an account, you will immediately have and access to FinTech services.


Before you buy or invest in Plutus tokens, please take the time to understand the rewards model, as well as the risks involved. All decisions that you make on the Plutus platform will be your sole responsibility.

About Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital is backed by a FinTech system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can enforce greater control of his own funds. The Plutus blockchain and token rely on the tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure.

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利用DeFi为更多人提供金融服务, 普利拓斯 (Plutus)






1) 在链和平台上工作的开发人员和工程师社区;

2) 用户应用程序;以及

3) 用户活动产生的奖励池。





对P币进行赌注并验证转换的用户将成为普利拓斯链的主节点。Masternodes共享应用程序的治理和未来的发展。他们在链上产生的每一个区块或动作,以及邀请朋友和联系人加入应用程序, 还可以获得P币奖励。










在您使用 USDT 获得 P币并创建帐户后,您将立即拥有并访问金融科技服务。











Plutus is a democratised financial ecosystem. Plutus is a technological enabler for a myriad of fintech use cases. Plutus is a financial revolution that will disintermediate existing systems. Plutus will disrupt the way banking is perceived.

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Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital allows anyone & everyone access to financial services for full control of your funds & financial investments.

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