Plutus — Progress & Next Steps

The compliance process to integrate with partners and to launch our services is well in progress — this is usually a lengthy process for FinTech start-ups offering mobile payments.

While we wait for formalities, our newly fast-tracked development and new team members are on track for several product releases this year.

What is going on at Plutus?

Recently, Plutus has hired a new CTO with wide ranging experience in developing blockchain technology for Tier-1 banks, Christopher Gilbert. He has written an introductory post that, among other things, explains previous challenges regarding development and why hiring an in-house team has become necessary: Joining and a Happy New Year 2017

Our tech lead Gerbrand has unfortunately decided to leave Plutus due to personal circumstances. But at the same time we welcome Karol Kowalski, a senior full-stack / web developer who is confirmed to start early next month. Interviews with several full-time candidates to join our in-house team are also progressing.

However, we are open to off-shore development talent who will be assisting us in quick task oriented sprints to reach our targets in the most reliable, and efficient manner prior (and alongside) to the hiring of a fully in-house team.

As many of our readers will be aware, blockchain technology requires a lot of precision, so If you feel that this is within your expertise, you will find our open positions below.

We have received an overwhelming amount of candidates and we are in the final stages of hiring all necessary positions to stabilize and fast-track development of relevant back-end infrastructure — so please apply soon. There are only 3 positions left.

Senior Software Engineer (Android / Mobile)
Senior Software Engineer (Platform / DevOps)

Plutus in London and Berlin

We have been quite busy at the start of the year with invites to attend the Blockchain conference in London as well as conferences in Berlin this week. These have been helpful to get the Plutus vision across to broader range of audiences and make strategic connections for the future.

In Berlin, we attended both Pioneers FinTech at Forum Treptow, as well as the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) conference at Hotel Intercontinental.

Presenting at Pioneers FinTech in Berlin

Presenting at Merchant Payments Ecosystem in Berlin

Featured in Innovation Category at Mobile Payment Ecosystem (MPE) Awards 2017.

Interestingly, the organizers choose to stream the Plutus demo on a loop across the screens in the venue which included merchants, well-known service providers, as well as senior executives from the finance and banking industry.

And in case you missed our founder Danial Daychopan’s recent interview then you can read it in the post below:

Furthermore, we would like to address a commonly asked question in our community:
“Why are Plutons not listed on major exchanges yet?”

Due to the fact that PLU is still undergoing BETA testing — Our intent is to shield users from the effects of excessive speculation and risks associated with third party services. We have been approached by several exchanges to integrate PLU, and will proceed in this course of action after our initial launch.

Please keep in mind that, PLU are intended to be reward tokens for use within the app, and without this use-case, it would be difficult to predict / determine the ‘correct’ value.

Of course if you wish to add PLU to your service or campaign at an exchange, you are free to do so.

We understand that our community is eager to learn more about our progress, and we will be releasing more updates in due course.

Below you can read our previous posts if you haven’t already:

Pre-register for the PlutusDEX. You can now complete the KYC process in advance, and be ready for when our service goes live.