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Announcement | Rewards & Accounts 2.0 is Live

Rewards & Accounts 2.0 is officially Live!


  • New Subscription Plans & Staking Level structure
  • Increasing Crypto Reward rates up to 8%
  • 20 New Perks — Select up to 8
  • Referral Programme on Web
  • Added Biometric Support
  • + more!

Download ‘Plutus | Bank On Crypto’ on the App/Play Store to get started!

New Fiat Subscription Plan

Upon creating a Plutus Account, customers must choose one of three flexible Subscription Plans: Starter, Everyday, and Premium.

This has been designed so that every Subscription Plan provides rewards that are far in excess of the Fiat costs.

Cashback Rewards

  • All Subscription Plans offer a minimum of 3% in Crypto Rewards
  • Boost this up to 8% by staking PLU (see Staking Levels below)

Your Subscription Plan determines the amount of spending you can earn Crypto Rewards on.

Your Staking Level determines the Crypto Rewards percentage (%) you will earn. Without staking, you will earn the minimum of 3% applied to all Subscription Plans.

For examples, please read our FAQ section below.


  • Select up to 3 Perks depending on your Fiat Subscription Plan
  • Boost this up to 8 Perks by Staking PLU (see Staking Levels below)

Plutus has 20 new and exciting Perks to choose from and has made them easier than ever to use. Additional Bonus Perks are being developed and will be added in the future.

Simply select a Perk and shop with your Plutus Card.

  • Enjoy up to 100% rebates in PLU on all Subscription-based Perks (e.g. Netflix)
  • Enjoy up to £/€10 rebates in PLU on all In-Store/Online Perks (e.g. Aldi)

Conditions apply, please read our FAQ section below.

New PLU Staking Levels (Optional)

Customers have the option of boosting their benefits by staking PLU. There are four Staking Levels: Hero, Veteran, Legend, and G.O.A.T.

Note: Staking Level benefits are not added to Subscription Plan benefits but replace them. See FAQ section for additional details.

Staking PLU unlocks:

  • Higher Crypto Reward Rates (%)
  • More Perks
  • Lower Fees
  • NFTs (Q2 2022)

Note: Your Subscription Plan still determines the amount of Card Spend you earn rewards on.

App Revamp

Plutus has improved the UI of several sections of the mobile app.

  1. Onboarding — New customers can now enjoy a streamlined onboarding experience.
  2. Biometric Login — All customers can utilise fingerprint and face recognition to log in to their Plutus App quickly and easily.
  3. In-App Guides — Plutus has introduced explainer guides in various sections of the product.
  4. Rewards & Perks Dashboard — Plutus has improved areas of the Rewards tab and introduced a new Perks dashboard to accommodate the 20 new brands.

The improved version of the DEX user interface will be added on mobile in April.

Referral Programme

Plutus has introduced a referral programme to the Web application!

Customers can share their personal Plutus referral link with friends and family, and earn additional Crypto rewards for every referral.

  • Referrer gets $10 in PLU
  • Referee gets $10 in PLU

A mobile version of the Referral Programme will be released this April.

Promotional Offer

To celebrate the release, new and existing customers can enjoy 1x month free (April) of whichever Subscription Plan they like!

  • New Customers: Sign up here and select your Subscription Plan.
  • Starter Plan Customers: Select your free Subscription Plan via ‘Settings’ on mobile.
  • Premium/Pro Plan Customers: You have been automatically grandfathered onto Premium for 3x months.

Subscription Plan selection must be actioned via the Mobile app.

FAQ Section

Subscription Plans & Staking Levels — Example

James pays £4.99 per month for the Everyday Subscription Plan.

He is therefore eligible for:

  • 3% Rewards on up to £2,000 worth of spending each month (worth £60).
  • 2 Perks of his choice (worth circa. £20).

James then boosts his Everyday Subscription Plan by staking 2,000 PLU for the G.O.A.T Staking Level.

James is now eligible for:

  • 8% Rewards on up to £2,000 of spending each month (worth £160).
  • 8 Perks of his choice (worth circa. £80).
  • NFTs (more details revealed at a later date in Q2)

What Other Features Will Be Added on Mobile?

Some features have been temporarily disabled on mobile to accommodate other new and improved features. These will be re-added shortly.

  • An improved version of the DEX UI
  • Fiat Withdrawals
  • Referrals on mobile

Don’t worry, all of these features are still accessible on the web application in the interim.

What Changes Have Been Made to the Fee Structure?

Plutus is improving its fee structure! This includes aspects like lowering the DEX fees and removing Card Decline fees which add friction to the user experience.

The improved fee structure will go live in April alongside the improved PlutusDEX UI on mobile.

Which Perks are Eligible for 100% Rebates?

Subscription-based Perks

  • Plutus covers all Subscription-based Perks that are under £/€10.
  • In instances where all plans are above £/€10 (e.g. Apple One at £/€ 14.99), Plutus covers the costs of the entry-level plan.

In-Store/Online Perks

  • All In-store/Online Perks (e.g. Tesco) will receive up to £/€10 per month in PLU rebates.

View our Helpdesk for more details >

What Happens If My Perk Costs More than £/€10?

Spotify Example
Spotify Individual = £9.99
Spotify Family = £16.99

If a customer pays for the Spotify Family plan with their Plutus Card, and has Spotify selected as a Perk, they will receive the maximum rebate of £9.99 in PLU.

This means customers are never penalised for upgrading their Perk plans.

I Can’t Update My Subscription Plan on the Web App?

The Web App revamp is scheduled for Q2.

All updates have been applied to the mobile application. Download and log in to the mobile app and select your Subscription Plan in the new Settings dashboard.



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