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Announcement | Rewards & Accounts 2.0 Model Details

Based on extensive research and communication with you, our community, we are proud to announce more details of our Rewards & Accounts 2.0 Model scheduled for release in Q1 2022.

Subscription Plans & Staking Levels

Customers must choose one of our three flexible Subscription Plans. Upon creating an account, customers then have the option of boosting their plans and unlocking additional benefits by staking PLU.

Subscription Plans (£/€ Fiat)

Plutus will offer three new subscription plans, selecting one is mandatory:

  • Starter
  • Everyday
  • Premium
Note: The same fees apply to our EEA customers but in Euros.


Every Subscription Plan offers a minimum of 3% in Crypto Rewards (PLU) as standard.

The Rewards Limit of your Subscription Plan will determine how much Card Spend you can earn rewards on.

Rewards Limit

  • Starter Plan = Rewards on up to £/€ 250 worth of spending each month (£/€ 7.50 worth of rewards)
  • Everyday Plan = Rewards on up to £/€ 2,000 worth of spending each month (£/€ 60 worth of rewards)
  • Premium = Rewards on up to £/€ 22,500 worth of spending each month (£/€ 675 worth of rewards)

Important Note: This is not your Card Spend Limit. All Subscription Plans can spend a maximum of £/€ 22,500 with their Plutus Cards.


Plutus is simplifying the Perks model so it’s easier to use and adding 20+ new Perks. Customers can select the Perk/s of their preference.

Upgrading your Subscription Plan increases the number of Perks you get. Most Perks are valued at circa £/€ 10.00.

(See the Perks Section below for more details)

Boost Your Subscription Plan (Staking)

Customers will have the option of boosting their Subscription Plans by staking PLU. There are four Staking Levels: Hero, Veteran, Legend, and G.O.A.T.

Note: Staking Level benefits are not added to Subscription Plan benefits, but replace them.

If a customer stakes sufficient PLU to meet a Staking Level, they unlock all the benefits within it. The more PLU you stake:

  • The higher the percentage back in PLU Rewards
  • The more Perks you get
  • The more NFTs you unlock

Important Note: The Rewards Limit (i.e. the amount of Card Spend you earn rewards on) is still determined by your Fiat Subscription Plan.


James pays £4.99 per month for the Everyday Subscription Plan.

He is therefore eligible for:

  • 3% Rewards on up £2,000 worth of spending each month (worth £/€ 60.00).
  • 2 Perks of his choice (worth circa. £/€ 20.00).

James then boosts his Everyday Subscription Plan by staking 2,000 PLU for the G.O.A.T Staking Level.

James is now eligible for:

  • 8% Rewards on up to £2,000 of spending each month (worth £/€160).
  • 8 Perks of his choice (worth circa. £/€ 80.00).
  • NFT (more details revealed at a later date)

How Do Perks Work?

In the new model, customers get to choose from a selection of 20+ Perks. These were selected based on feedback from our Ambassador Programme and public surveys.

Plutus has picked Perks that we know are in high demand, and ones that will add real value to our community’s everyday lives.

Here is 10 of the first set of Perks being added.

The number of Perks a customer gets to choose depends on their Subscription Plan and Staking Level. All Perks will be paid out in PLU.

For Subscription-based Perks, customers will get 100% of the Perk fee back in PLU Rewards. For regular merchant-related Perks, customers will get up to a fixed amount of PLU Rewards on their monthly shopping.

How Do Plutus NFTs Work?

These are purpose built, utility based collectables that unlock free subscription, higher PLU Rewards and Perks, as well as higher Rewards Limits on Card Spend. There are a lot more details on this that will be revealed in due time.


Why has Plutus Removed the Pro Subscription?

As part of our longer-term strategy, Plutus has created an affordable middle tier and removed the Pro account whilst improving the Premium account plan with more benefits. The adjustment represents a clearer hierarchy and one that suits all persona types of our customers. The changes of the Subscription Plan will take effect upon the release of Rewards & Accounts 2.0 in Q1 2022.

What happens to existing customers who spent time/money acquiring PLU to secure a Premium/Pro account?

Plutus customers on both the Premium/Pro accounts will be temporarily grandfathered in to receive a Premium 2.0 account for a period of 3 months.

Please Note: The onboarding cost for each Subscription Plan and Staking Level is cheaper and includes more benefits than the current model.

For example, a Pro account currently staking 400 PLU to receive 4% back in rewards, will only have to stake 250 PLU on top of their paid subscription to receive the same percentage of PLU rewards and a range of additional benefits such as Perks and tradable NFTs.

Is the Rewards Limit how much you can spend each month or how much you can earn?

  • Every Subscription Plan has the same maximum Card Spend Limit of £22,500
  • The Rewards Limit determines how much of that Card Spend Limit you receive Crypto Rewards (PLU) on, which differs by Subscription Plan

Will the Staking Level Thresholds (PLU) change if PLU price changes significantly?

Plutus may change the Staking Level Thresholds for Hero, Veteran, Legend, and G.O.A.T depending on various factors such as difficulty, tokenomics, and more. The current set up is aimed to benefit those who adopt PLU early.



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