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Arrival of Pluton Rewards (PLU) & Account Tiers

The long-awaited Pluton Rewards Programme is officially live! Members can now earn up to 3% in PLU on every single Plutus Debit Card transaction. With over 61 million online and in-store merchants that accept Visa® cards, this provides an abundance of opportunities to start earning crypto rewards. The Pluton Rewards will only be available to members on our Premium and Pro accounts, as such, we have released our various account tiers at the same time.

Pluton Rewards Programme

Pluton was the world’s first concept of a decentralised loyalty token to enter the market in 2015. Instead of being restricted to the confines of a single store, the loyalty reward is earnt anywhere in the world where your Plutus Debit Card is accepted.

You can track your earnings in the MVP version of your Pluton Dashboard which offers analytics on your daily PLU income. You can also find your total PLU earnings on this page, as well as the fiat value of your free loyalty tokens.

Offering up to 3% of every transaction back in Pluton makes this one of the most generous reward programmes available. We recently unveiled a list of valuable use-cases for your PLU which you can read more about here.

Stock Product Image — Real PLU Value Will Differ

This page will evolve over time to include a number of beneficial features including the Plutus Perks section which was recently detailed here.

Account Tiers

We have seen a huge demand for higher limits and we can now lift these restrictions so you can maximise the use of our services. There are now three new account tiers available: Starter, Premium & Pro. These have been thoughtfully developed to offer account plans that meet the needs of our various customers.

Starter — Select Plan

The casual user can enjoy all the basic functionalities of Plutus (including our user-friendly DEX and slick Plutus Debit Card) with very generous limits. Whilst the Plutus Debit Card requires an initial order cost of £/€9.99, there are no monthly fees associated with the Starter Account.

Premium — Select Plan*

Our Premium account is designed for the frequent users. For a monthly fee of £/€4.99, Premium members will receive a free card and can enjoy higher trading limits without the 1.75% maker and taker fee currently attached to the PlutusDEX.

It also adds the benefits of our Pluton Rewards Programme. Members who spend just £/€170 on their Plutus Debit Card per month will accrue enough PLU to counter the monthly fee’s value in PLU tokens. Anything more than this could be considered additional gains for our Premium members.

We will also be introducing our Plutus Perks Programme to this account which offers an additional money-saving opportunity at selected retail partners to deliver more than enough value to justify the monthly fee.

Pro — Select Plan*

The Pro plan is for our high-net-worth individuals with large volumes of cryptocurrency to spend in-store. It offers all the benefits of the above accounts but with unlimited trading for a very respectable £/€7.99.

Fair Trading & No Hidden Fees

Plutus is not just another “crypto debit card”, it is a non-custodial service that empowers the users with full control of their funds. We have harnessed the power of blockchain to provide you with a secure and user-friendly way of converting crypto, without the need for a centralised 3rd party.

Both the monthly subscription and transaction fees are competitively priced, especially when considering the unique services on offer. We have a highly transparent breakdown of our pricing structure that you can check out here.

More to Come…

This marks a monumental milestone for Plutus and ensures our members are some of the most well-rewarded FinTech users in the industry. Our Early-Bird programme has closed and Plutus is now publicly available to anyone situated in the UK and EEA region countries. We hope you enjoy your well-deserved earnings and stay tuned for plenty more exciting announcements to come, including the Plutus Perks release!


Can I Withdraw the PLU to my Own Wallet?

This the MVP version of the Pluton Dashboard that only enables PLU accumulation for your purchases along with a few other use-cases mentioned here. This current release does not offer withdrawal functionality. An upcoming update in the coming weeks will offer improved functionalities including the ability to withdraw and sell your PLU.

Where is the PLU on my Dashboard Stored?

The PLU in your dashboard is not held by Plutus on the platform. It is instead held within the Ethereum smart contract until the increased functionalities such as withdrawal and selling arrive on the Pluton Dashboard.

Where Can I Redeem my PLU for Plutus Premium?

The preliminary offering of a single PLU redeeming you a whole month of Plutus Premium is already here! Select the Premium option and click on “Redeem with PLU” tab. Send your PLU to the displayed wallet address and you will unlock your Premium account.




A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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Plutus provides an alternative to modern banking and combines it with the ease of access to cryptocurrencies. Earn 3% back in crypto!

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