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Arrival of Plutus Perks (Level 1)

In March, we introduced Pluton Rewards (PLU). Premium & Pro members have experienced 3% crypto (PLU) back on all purchases made with their slick Plutus Debit Cards and amassed huge savings in a very short time frame. We can now officially announce the soft release of another money-enhancing programme to you.

Plutus Perks will offer you additional fiat cashback on top of the generous 3% Pluton Reward. This adds utility to the PLU token and value to its holders.

Plutus Perks Explained

Earned PLU is displayed on your Pluton Dashboard. This will automatically unlock cashback opportunities which you can view in the same dashboard.

There are five levels in total. The more you spend with your Plutus Debit Card, the faster you will earn PLU and progress through the levels. Level 1–3 unlocks new categories with various brands and discounts. Each level has subcategories that also carry their own staking requirements to ensure you are constantly unlocking additional Perks as you earn instead of accumulating a whole lot of PLU with no reward (yes, we have got your back!)

Level 4–5 are bonus levels for the high-spenders and add deeper cashback discounts to your existing retail portfolio. The additional cashback rate is dynamic depending on a number of factors such as membership longevity, seasonality, partners and many more. This is a great way of rewarding our most loyal and engaged members with a small additional perk.

Today’s Release

Today is an MVP beta release of Level 1 that will help you get to grips with the programme and allow us to perfect a larger scale release in early Q3 with a more abundant range of retailers! Level 1 consists of highly established Fashion & Retail brands such as Nike and Gant that will offer you great savings across a range of product categories. We plan to add more household renowned retailers to Level 1 in the upcoming weeks leading to July and we can’t wait to share that with you.


If you shop at Nike and purchase an item worth £120 through the Full Price Item’s list, you will receive 3% in Pluton (PLU) rewards for the purchase as well as an additional 4% cash on top (giving you a total of 7% back in value, which equates to £8.40).

To ensure you are eligible for your cashback reward:

  1. Use the links on your Perks Dashboard.
  2. The purchase must also be made with your Plutus Debit Card at product checkout.

Reminder: Each merchant has their own cashback reimbursement timeframe.

Still to Come

There are a number of plans to further improve your spending experience so that you can enjoy the maximum out of your spending.

Withdraw Functionality

Currently, the PLU is displayed on your Pluton Dashboard but held in cold storage for the reward pool. Future releases will allow you to withdraw this PLU to any ERC20-enabled wallet so that you may use PLU as you wish — swap to fiat on our DEX or stake for additional perks.

Stake Location

With it, we will evolve the opportunity to stake PLU in the wallet of your choosing rather than the Pluton Dashboard alone. Using the transparency of blockchain technology, we will scan your attached wallet to identify your level and available perks so you can retain full custody of your Pluton.

Increased Cashback Opportunities

We will be continually increasing your list of Perks so that you enjoy as many cashback offers as possible. Our members already have a strong list of retail offerings which will constantly grow to suit the needs and demographic of our users.

Join Us

As always, there is still an overwhelming amount of exciting news under the radar that is yet to emerge so stay tuned. To stay as informed as possible, follow our Twitter account or Medium publication where we post content first. Join us on Discord to chat directly with the team and other community members, it is a very welcoming group.



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