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Bonus Perk | 10% Rewards on All Amazon Purchases

Christmas is right around the corner, and 2020 is finally coming to an end! To leave the year on a positive note, Plutus is offering a generous reward rate on all purchases at the universally used e-commerce site, Amazon.

Bonus Perk — Amazon

Timeline: 17 Dec 2020, 00:00 BST — 31 Jan 2020, 23:59 BST

Account Type: Premium / Pro

Staking Level 3: 600 PLU

Countries: All Supported Countries

Qualified customers can now enjoy 10% crypto rewards on all 12+ million products sold on Amazon. Those who have staked sufficient PLU (600 PLU) will instantly find the Amazon offer visible within the Perks Dashboard of their web account.

Note: The PLU rewards will be visible in the Pending section of your Pluton Dashboard after the transaction has settled (typically less than 3 days).

It will move to Available after 45 days whilst Plutus does our own internal validation checks. If your staked holdings drop below the required 600 PLU staking threshold during this 45-day period, your rewards earned from this promotional offer will become void.

How Does it Work?

To reap the benefits of our promotional offer, just follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Plutus web application
  • Click on the Perks tab and find the Amazon promotion
  • Visit Amazon and add products to your basket
  • Checkout and make the payment via your Plutus Card

If you own 600 PLU, but you are unsure how to stake it to enjoy the benefits, watch our video guide here.

More Information

We have plenty of exciting promotional offers still to come from which you can enjoy significant earnings. Follow us across our various social channels to stay up to date.









A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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Plutus provides an alternative to modern banking and combines it with the ease of access to cryptocurrencies. Earn 3% back in crypto!

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