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FAQ | Plutus Cards Out of Stock

We are experiencing overwhelming demand for our services.

In just 5 days, we issued more Cards than we have across the rest of 2022 combined. As a result, we are now officially out of stock.

We are manufacturing additional cards as fast as possible to accommodate the ever-growing demand.

We estimate new Plutus Cards to be in stock in ~4 months. Customers who sign up now will be added to the front of our waitlist for when new cards become available.

For our new joiners who ordered their cards in time, welcome aboard. For those looking to order a card, thank you for being patient!


Can I Still Order A Card in Advance?

Yes, we recommend ordering your Card in advance so that you are at the front of our waitlist. Sign up as normal, and your card will be distributed once they are back in stock.

Are Cards Free to Order? What About the £/€20 EUR Deposit?

Yes, Plutus Cards are free to order.

A £/€20 deposit is required during sign up but this belongs to you; it is added to your Plutus Account balance which you can spend as you wish once your card arrives.

Do You Have Digital Cards?

No, we do not currently provide digital cards, but it is a feature we are keen to add. We are currently exploring the possibility of this with our banking provider.

What If I Ordered my Card Just Before the Card Stock?

If you ordered your card before 9th May and received an email confirmation, as well as an in-app screen displaying ‘On the Way’, then you should expect to receive your card within 7–10 business days.

Note: A few dozen new card signups towards the end of the cut-off period did not make the cut, you will be notified via email in the next few days.

Can I Track the Status of My Order?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to track the different stages of card production.

Will the Card Delivery Time Be the Same Once They Are In Stock?

The card delivery time will be the usual 7–10 business days once they are back in stock.

Can I Change the Delivery Address Down the Line?

Yes, once cards are back in stock, you will be asked to confirm your delivery address in-app before your card is shipped. We will notify you via email when to action this.

Will I Get Access to the App?

Soon. Upon ordering your Card, you will see a screen that says ‘Your Card Is Being Manufactured’. We are updating the flow so that those who have ordered a card can access the app prior to their Plutus Card arriving.

I Am an Existing Customer. What Happens if my Plutus Card is Lost, Broken, Stolen, or Expired Plutus Cards?

As we are out of stock, existing customers with lost, broken, stolen, or expired Plutus Cards will have to wait until new cards arrive in stock. We apologise for the extended wait times.

I Participated in a Promotional Offer?

For all queries regarding the promotional offers held during the month of May, please refer to the below document.

Full details on Promotional Offers >

Do I Still Get Referral Bonuses for People I Refer?

Yes. The current flow is:

Complete KYC → Deposit Fiat Card Dispatched Activate Card Referral Bonus

We are updating the flow so that referral rewards will be paid once the referee Deposit Fiat, rather than upon Activating Card so that you can continue to spread the word of Plutus whilst we are out of stock, and earn some additional PLU along the way!

If you refer someone before this change is implemented, and they have ordered a card but not activated it, you will earn a referral reward for it!



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