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Important Update | New & Improved DeFi Staking Flow (UK/EEA Customers)

The Plutus team has deployed vital changes to the way customers stake PLU.

This means two things:

  1. UK customers can now stake PLU to upgrade their Accounts and unlock additional rewards again.
  2. All customers can enjoy a greatly simplified staking flow.

Reasons to Stake PLU

  • Upgrade Account
  • Uncapped 3% Crypto Rewards (No Limit)
  • Access to Plutus Perks & Higher Rewards
  • Increased Card Spending Limits
  • Free Withdrawals
  • Remove the 1.75% Crypto Swap Fee (EEA Only)
  • Increased DEX Limits (EEA Only)

How Is the Staking Flow Different?

Previously, users clicked on Connect a Wallet. They were then redirected to the PlutusDEX where they had to create a sell order with their MetaMask Wallet.

Now, users simply click Connect a Wallet and a MetaMask pop-up appears which the user signs (by clicking the Sign button).

This reduces the number of clicks and removes the need to sell any crypto.

How To Stake PLU >

What are the Benefits?

UK customers, who were temporarily unable to stake with the PlutusDEX disabled, can now stake PLU again to upgrade their accounts to Premium/Pro, or to unlock the numerous Perks on offer.


Does the New Staking Flow Apply to Both UK & EEA?


Does This Affect Wallets That Were Already Connected to Plutus?


What Wallets Can I Stake With?

Currently, staking is available via MetaMask only.

As MetaMask allows users to access any Ethereum wallet by loading their seed phrase, this can be used as a proxy solution.

Can I Stake on Mobile?

Currently, you can only connect a wallet via the Desktop version of Plutus.

How Does Staking Work?

Due to the transparent nature of blockchain technology, Plutus can scan the contents of your wallet (your PLU balance) and identify which Account and Perks you are eligible for.

Can I Connect Multiple Wallets?


Do I Still Need to Stake PLU for 21 Days to Access Benefits?




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