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Important Update | Subscription Plan Improvements

As Plutus continues to grow, we will continue to improve our subscription plans around your needs/wants. Please read the important updates below.

Updates to Subscription Plans

Unlock Premium/Pro Via Staking

Previously, Premium users had to stake 2,000 PLU to unlock a Premium account. We have greatly reduced the barrier to entry and lowered this to just 100 PLU.

Likewise, Pro accounts can now be unlocked by staking just 400 PLU rather than the previous 4,000 PLU threshold.

Your Premium/Pro account will become available after staking sufficient PLU continuously for 21 days starting from 19th February 2021.

Note: Staking PLU is currently the only way of accessing a Premium or Pro account. Fiat payments and PLU redemption are paused for the foreseeable future.

How to Stake >

Pluton Rewards For Starter Accounts

If the staking requirements are unattainable for you, don’t worry! Starter accounts now include Pluton Rewards on up to £/€ 250 worth of spending every month.

Card Fee

The £/€ 9.99 fee for ordering a Plutus Card on the Starter account now applies across all account plans. Plutus has sold months’ worth of Plutus Cards in a matter of weeks and we are now entirely sold out, again! To guarantee yourself a Plutus Card when they arrive back in stock, pre-order one here.

Bonus For Buying PLU

All account plans can now enjoy a bonus when they purchase PLU via the PlutusDEX.

  • Starter: 1% Bonus
  • Premium: 3% Bonus
  • Pro: 4% Bonus

Note: Level 5 users of our Plutus Perks feature will enjoy a huge 8% bonus.

Stay Tuned!

The team has plenty of exciting releases arriving in the coming months including the integration of BTC into our DEX which will mark a huge milestone for the industry as a whole.


Can I Upgrade My Account Using Fiat?

Currently, the only way to access a Premium/Pro account is by staking sufficient PLU.

Can I Redeem 1 PLU for 1-Month of Plutus Premium and/or a Free Plutus Card?

No, 1 PLU cannot currently be redeemed for these benefits.

How Does the Bonus Work When I Purchase PLU?

If you purchase PLU on the PlutusDEX, you will immediately receive the specified amount to your personal crypto wallet. Your bonus PLU will become visible within the Pending section of your Pluton Dashboard where it will remain for the usual 45-day verification period before moving to Available for withdrawal or in-app usage.

I Am Currently on a Premium/Pro Account, Will I Be Downgraded?

If you are not staking the necessary PLU amount to unlock a Premium/Pro account, you will be downgraded when your subscription expires. Those who have been awarded a free Premium membership for their participation in a competition, sale, or other, will maintain their Premium account status until it expires.

How Do I Stake PLU to Unlock These Benefits?

Check out our helpful guide here.



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