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New Arrivals to Plutus Perks (August Update)

Welcome back! The last few months have been extremely exciting for both Plutus and our users. Our tight-knit community is continually growing and we are ever-increasing the number of features we can offer, as well as the usability of your app.

One of the most highly desired features of Plutus is the rewards aspect; back in 2015, the concept of a decentralised loyalty programme was completely unfounded. Plutus was one of the first DeFi projects to appear in the early days of Ethereum with a unique reward system coupled with the only available Fiat/Crypto DEX, both concepts were ahead of their time. Over the past few months, we have seen huge increases to both our user base and transaction volume, with thousands of PLU paid out just a few months after the feature's release. As a result, we have continued to receive great feedback and our customer satisfaction is a testament to the service we have created and delivered.

Now, card rewards are popular throughout the industry and we plan to continue leading the space through innovative and prosperous rewards features. One of our continual goals has always been to deliver exceeding value to our customers and prioritise customer retention by investing in our rewards and customer support structures. In fact, 75% of consumers say they favour companies that offer rewards, and we have multiple money-saving features on offer that allow you to earn as much as possible from your ordinary debit card payments.

Recap: Our Money-Saving Features

Members on the Premium/Pro account plans will automatically earn up to 3% of every purchase back in our native crypto token, Pluton (PLU). Whether you are paying the bills, grocery shopping or ordering online; up to 3% of the purchase will be returned to your account in PLU which you can instantly convert into an additional spendable card balance.

Those who hold on to their PLU earnings will unlock additional fiat cashback offers at selected online retailers. Plutus has formed affiliate partnerships with some of your favourite brands to offer you double-dip rewards — additional fiat cashback on top of the regular 3% Pluton Reward.

What to Expect?

We can proudly add 10 exciting new brands to your list of Perks and reveal the full tier structure so you can fully grasp the benefits of each level as well as the staking requirements to maximise your saving potential.

Levels & Staking Requirements

Perks Staking Requirements

Level 1

In May, we released Level 1 of Plutus Perks as a preview of what was to come. We have since amended the staking requirements and ensured that the barrier to entry is low by making it accessible by holding just a single Pluton token. This will encourage people to familiarise themselves with the Plutus Perks feature set early on. There is also multiple cashback offers to unlock within each level to keep it engaging and rewarding throughout.

Level 2

As you can see, we have greatly expanded our Level 2 offering with huge brand-names secured including Sky, Vodafone and Lenovo. Moving forward, we will again be adding several lots of exciting brands to your Perks portfolio! The aim is to continually evolve the Perks feature as we go so you have a constant supply of new cashback opportunities and organic tokenomic growth.

Level 3

This is next to see a large number of incoming Perks, however, due to COVID-19 and current travel restrictions to the tourism industry, our travel Perks have been temporarily paused and will be unlocked in due course. Stay tuned for our next Perks-related blog which will showcase more advancements to the front-end development and further brand additions.

Level 4

We are also making our top levels more exciting. Anyone who owns over 2,000 PLU will be granted Plutus Premium completely free of charge. This addition is intended to reward our founding members the most; individuals who have accumulated large amounts of PLU since our service went live. Level 4 users will also get to enjoy an additional dynamic cashback rate as high as 5% on all previously unlocked Perks. This dynamic element keeps it engaging at all times and the algorithm rewards users for loyalty, frequency of purchase and many other factors. The team will be adding front-end updates to Level 4 in the coming weeks.

Level 5

Similarly, anyone who possesses over 4,000 PLU will be granted a free Pro account. This is just one of many benefits coming to our high-stake holders. We will continually add value to these top levels that make them highly in-demand and attractive for high net worth individuals. Level 5 users will also get to enjoy a huge additional dynamic cashback rate as high as much as 10% on all Perks. Likewise, the team will be adding front-end updates to Level 5 in the coming weeks.

(Note: these staking requirements are dynamic and may change depending on token demand)

Example Purchase

For a purchase at Nike, you would receive the following:

New User: All Premium/Pro user will receive a 3% Pluton Reward on their purchases (maximum saving = 3%)

Level 1: A Level 1 user who has unlocked the Nike Perk will receive the above plus 4% fiat cashback on their Nike purchases (maximum earnings = 7%)

Level 4: A Level 4 user will receive the same benefits as Level 1 plus a dynamic additional cashback rate of up to 5% (maximum earnings = 12%)

Level 5: A Level 5 user will receive the same benefits as Level 1 plus an additional dynamic cashback rate of up to 10% (maximum earnings = 17%)

Brands Arriving

You can now enjoy 3.5% cashback on top of your regular 3% crypto reward (which equates to 7.5% savings in total) on apparel, accessories, and home furnishing from the premium lifestyle retailer, Ralph Lauren.

One of the most exciting additions is the arrival of Sky! With over 23 million subscribers, Sky is Europe’s largest media company and pay-TV broadcaster by revenue. Our members will be able to save anywhere from £/€5–70 in cashback depending on the purchase. With an incredible range of bundles on offer, and free Netflix thrown in with many of them, we believe double-dip rewards on hundreds of hours-worth of shows is a huge benefit.

Vodafone is the leading Telecom operator in the UK and has a very strong market share across almost 30 different countries worldwide. We can now offer you great savings on a vast array of mobile phone and broadband related purchases which are essential to everyday life — this includes up to £30 cashback on numerous products.

Another Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s leading personal technology companies. We’re offering 2.3% cashback on top of the regular Pluton Rewards of 3% which amounts to a massive 5.3% in earning on your expensive PC and mobile internet devices.

Sells products in over 100 countries and includes almost any tech product you could want including keyboards, remotes, speakers, smart-home devices and more at a huge cashback rate of 6.15% bringing your total earning potential to 9.15% in cash and crypto rewards.

A huge multi-billion dollar company with over 60 million active buyers. We’re offering 3.5% back in PLU on all 100 million products sold on the e-commerce giant. This crypto reward rate increases to 5% for those on level 4 or higher .

We recently added one of the world’s largest e-commerce platform which brings in revenue of over $280bn. What started out as a promotional offer has now moved to a Level 2 Perk locked behind a 350 PLU staking wall, users who meet the require threshold will unlock 3.5% back in PLU on all purchases — this steeply increases to 5% for those on the highest level 5, which includes many other benefits.

We can also proudly announce the arrival of Zaavi, Wilko and GeekBuying, which provides great deals on a huge spectrum of products from DIY to gaming.

Recap: How to use Perks?

We have made the process as easy as possible. Just follow the below steps and make sure you pay with your Plutus Debit Card so we can verify the transaction and you can enjoy both cash and crypto rewards.

  1. Visit the Perks section of your Plutus account (only visible to Premium/Pro users) and then an online store that’s available from your list of Perks.
  2. Return from the store with the URL of the product and enter this in the available field.
  3. Click “Continue Shopping” and repeat for any additional products before proceeding to the checkout and paying with your Plutus Card.

Most Perks are available for both UK and EU users, however, the availability of cashback can vary depending on location and product category, we have created a helpful tooltip which showcases the full list of details. To find out if you are eligible for cashback, special exceptions, and the cashback amount; please click on “Important: cashback terms”.

Fraud Prevention Mechanisms

We are ensuring that your rewards programme is robust against malicious users to guarantee the longevity of the feature. Our system systematically flags fraudulent behaviour in user accounts with respect to PLU rewards and these fraudulently earned tokens are invalidated.

Please follow the guidelines found within the app relating to prohibited transactions. Any payments that go against these terms will result in unpaid PLU and a permanent ban from the platform. These rules are in place to ensure we can provide fair and high value to valid users for years to come.

Please also note there is a 45 day review period before PLU becomes available for withdrawal or swap on DEX. This is so we can vet users’ transactions and prevent users from gaming the system, all of which ensures you get to enjoy your legitimate earnings.

More to Come…

In the next two weeks, we will be revealing some of our most ambitious plans to date. We have announced our intentions to pursue a banking license, which means you would have access to countless additional fiat features that we know are popular. This coupled with the upcoming news will help push Plutus and our respective token in front of millions of viewers and overall increase our token awareness and liquidity. Make sure you follow us on Medium or Twitter to be the earliest to receive updates, you won’t be disappointed!

Alternatively, have a chat directly with team members and the community via our Discord or Telegram channels.



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