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New Features: Real-Time Notifications

Last weekend, the team released two exciting new features that will greatly improve your user experience. Remember to update your app in the app store to enjoy the changes! The latest version is 2.2.0.

Mobile Real-Time Notifications

Your Plutus app now delivers instant notifications on all essential actions, so you have peace of mind and heightened awareness of all app activity.


Every time you make an in-store or online payment, you will receive a mobile push notification highlighting what you paid and where you shopped within seconds. This comes with the added security benefit of being constantly aware of all transactions so you can freeze your card should you notice any suspicious activity.


Every time a sell order is matched, you will be notified, which means you can go about your daily activities and still be aware of the status of your trades; this awareness means you can subsequently log in promptly to confirm your sell transactions.


We also introduced several other notifications relating to accounts including fiat deposits and KYC updates so you can be kept updated and take actions accordingly.

Future iterations will allow users to select the type of push notifications they would like to receive under ‘Settings’. This additional step will deliver a customised experience that meets your needs.

Pending Transactions

We also added the much-requested status update on your card transactions — we will now show all payments instantly rather than after settlement by the merchant, which can take up to several days.

Pending transactions are recent card transactions that have not been fully processed by the merchant. For these, we will display a ‘Pending’ status label; as soon as the transactions are settled, this label will disappear and the transaction is in settled status.

This gives you complete oversight over your funds, so you know exactly where and when your money has been spent at all times.

More to Come…

As you may have noticed, the user experience for both the web and mobile app is constantly evolving and improving; the team is dedicated to bringing you an enhanced user experience over time. If there are any features you are keen for us to develop next, feel free to leave them in the ‘Suggest a Feature’ section of your account.

As always, we have plenty more exciting news announcements in the not-so-distant horizon so please pay close attention to our Medium Publication. If you are not already part of our Discord community, join in the chat for extra snippets of detail and meet other warm-hearted community members.

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