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New Perk | Curve

Introducing… Curve!

We have partnered with Curve to offer you new and exciting reward opportunities.

Curve has now been added to our list of Perks, meaning you can enjoy up to 100% rebates in PLU on your Curve Subscriptions.

What is Curve?

Instead of leaving the house with various cards in a physical wallet, Curve aggregates your cards into one mobile app. Simply select the card you want to spend with in-app (e.g. Plutus Card) and spend in-store via the Curve card or a supported xPay like Apple Pay.

Why Is A Curve Black Subscription Useful?

Get 1% cashback from Curve in Curve Cash Points at 3 selected retailers paid to your Curve account.

This comes on top of the Crypto Cashback (up to 8%) that you will receive to your Plutus account.

Via Curve, you can use your Plutus Card with Apple/Samsung/Google Pay. No need to bring your physical Plutus Card with you!

Enjoy fair foreign exchange (FX) rates when using your Plutus Card via Curve.

This means non-EURO countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Sweden can now use their Plutus Card via Curve without any Plutus FX fees! Check Curve’s FX terms for full details on any fees or limits that may apply.

Curve Black and Metal customers get free travel insurance.

How Much PLU Will I Get?

You will receive up to a £10 rebate in PLU on any paid Curve subscriptions.

Curve Black — Get 100% of your £9.99 Curve Black subscription fee back in PLU

Curve Metal — Get £10 out of your £14.99 Curve Metal subscription back in PLU

How Do I Use the Curve Perk?

  • Simply log in to your Plutus App and head to the Pluton tab.
  • Select Curve as your Perk and you’re all set!

Note: Ensure you have updated your payment method for the Curve Subscription to your Plutus Card.

Log in to your Plutus mobile app and update your Perks here. Perks for the month of June must be chosen before the 1st of the month.

Full guide to Perks here >

Don’t Yet Have an Account?

If you don’t yet have a card, sign up to the Plutus waiting list here to get in front of the queue! Once you receive your Plutus Card, you can then use your free Perk on our free Starter Plan to get up to 100% back on Curve!

If you are yet to open a Curve account, you can sign up for free here.



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