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New Perk — Earn 10% Crypto on Amazon Prime Day

October 13th marks the start of Amazon Prime Day — a day of huge savings across thousands of products at the well-renowned e-commerce store. This year is expected to be the largest promotional sale yet with forecasted sales of over $10 billion!

10% Crypto Reward on All Amazon Purchases

Starting today, we are jumping in on the action to offer you a 10% crypto reward on any, and all, Amazon purchases. This comes on top of any existing discounts/sales applied by Amazon, meaning savings could be in excess of 60%.

This Perk is available to all our users, regardless of how much PLU you are staking, for the entirety of Amazon Prime Day (Oct 13–14). The promotional offer is available to Starter, Premium and Pro accounts and users don’t need to own a single PLU in order to unlock it.

On top of this, the purchase does not need to be actioned via our Perks dashboard — just use your Plutus Card when shopping at Amazon and we will verify the transaction on our end and award you with PLU.

Note: Reward reconciliation may take up to 45 days to verify the validity of the transaction.

15% Crypto Rewards Coming Soon

Whilst the above offer is available to all users, we are also working with our affiliate partners to offer exclusive deals on items such as the upcoming iPhone 12 and PS5 for our members who have unlocked Plutus Perks. In order to qualify for this reward, you will need to unlock level 2 of Perks and use the Plutus Perks dashboard to make your purchase.

More details on this will be available in the coming weeks.

More Information

If you have any questions there is an FAQ below which may help answer them. Alternatively, join our community channels (Telegram & Discord) to speak directly with one of our team members and other Plutus enthusiasts.

If you are interested in purchasing PLU, we currently have a sale taking place on our PlutusDEX. Whatever you pledge for, a 40% bonus in PLU will be applied on top.

Details here:


When is the offer available?

Our promotional offer is live now, it will run for the duration of Amazon Prime Day (Oct 13 — Oct 14).

Does the reward come on top of existing rewards?

You will receive a maximum of 10% back in crypto (PLU) across any Amazon item (i.e. the regular 3% Pluton Reward is included already).

Do I need to pay via the Perks tab?

No, You do not need to pay via the Plutus Perks tab in order to receive the 10% crypto reward on Amazon Prime Day; so long as you use your blue Plutus Card, you will receive your Pluton Reward on any, and all, product categories.

Does it matter what account I am on?

It does not matter whether you are a Starter, Premium or Pro account. The 10% promotional offer is available to all Plutus customers.

How long until I receive my reward?

All Pluton Rewards will be distributed to your Pluton Dashboard, where they are eligible for withdrawal, within 45 days.

Does it matter if I don’t own PLU?

You do not have to own PLU in order to receive the 10% crypto reward. Just pay as normal using your Plutus Debit Card and we will add the PLU to your Pluton Dashboard.

My card has not arrived yet, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, in order to pay, you will need an active Plutus Card. Card shipping will resume on November 4th and these will arrive at your door shortly after. Don’t worry, we have plenty more promotional sales to come.



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