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New Perk — Earn 12% in Rewards at Nike

First, we brought you Pluton Rewards, the loyalty programme that gives you a 3% crypto reward (PLU) on every single purchase made with your electric blue Visa Card. This is a standard feature of the Plutus Card and it comes with all Premium/Pro accounts without any staking required. Since it’s release in March, Plutus members have been accruing savings worth thousands of Pounds/Euros across a very short timeframe.

Earlier this month, we proudly revealed the arrival of your next big money-saving feature, Plutus Perks. This gives you additional fiat cash back on top of your 3% Pluton Reward at selected online retailers; meaning you can earn double-dip rewards!

How Does it Work?

1) Earn Pluton

Pluton Rewards is designed to reward our most loyal and active users. Any time a user spends with their Plutus Card (both online and in-store), they will earn 3% back in Pluton (PLU). Pluton carries a wealth of benefits and utilities for its holder:

  • Swap into additional card balance
  • Redeem for Premium services
  • Transfer to friends and family
  • Stake to unlock Plutus Perks (see below)

2) Unlock Perks

Holding on to your earned Pluton, which is visible within the ‘Pluton’ tab of your account, will unlock cashback offers at selected retailers. We have established numerous relationships with popular multinational brands to bring you the best savings possible! To stay true to the decentralised culture of crypto, future versions will allow you to stake the Pluton in any wallet of your choosing instead of within the ‘Pluton’ tab.

The more Pluton you acquire, the more brands you will unlock at which you can earn cash back. One of the first major additions to your available Perks is Nike! This will accompany the previously announced partnerships with Airbnb and Skyscanner which are temporarily paused due to travel restrictions relating to Covid-19.


Nike is the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of athletic shoes, apparel, and other sports equipment! The established company has been dropping innovative products for several decades such as the Air Max range, Jordans, and countless others; the brand is broadly recognised as an iconic part of fashion history. Now, as a Plutus member, you could earn the maximum of 9% cash back (4% as standard) on selected Nike items as well as 3% crypto back (PLU), giving you a grand total of 12% in earnings!

Our latest feature, Plutus Perks, doesn’t only save you money, it helps you earn money!

The feature is available for all our Premium & Pro members. To earn double-dip crypto and cash rewards, our members simply have to:

  1. Visit the Pluton tab of your account.
  2. Browse the available brands that you can earn cash back at.
  3. Select a brand and shop through their website as normal.
  4. Pay with your Plutus Card.
  5. Enjoy the earnings!

Our most expensive Pro tier is priced at £7.99 and you could earn this amount back and far more from a single purchase at Nike! Any grocery, travel, bills paid after this point could be considered additional savings that will put you in the positive, making the Plutus account a logical choice for any smart savers.

More to Come…

This month we will be introducing another immensely popular e-commerce site to the list of Plutus Perks, a company that boasts 197 million monthly visitors and an astonishing array of products to choose from which you will most certainly appreciate cash back from! Join our Discord to be the first to find out.

If you haven’t already set up a Plutus Account, or you are still on the Starter subscription, check out our available plans and start earning generous rewards! You will recover the costs and plenty more in no time, and you get to enjoy a truly cutting-edge finance app that lets you manage two financial worlds in one. Sign up here.

We also have an introductory offer that allows you to redeem a single PLU for a whole month of Plutus Premium without any commitment to payment terms. Want to upgrade with PLU but don’t have any coins? That’s ok, simply join our Discord and get your hands on some to get started.




A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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Plutus provides an alternative to modern banking and combines it with the ease of access to cryptocurrencies. Earn 3% back in crypto!

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