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PLIP | Exchange Listing PLU

In September 2020, we announced the Pluton Liquidity Injection Programme (PLIP), a plan aimed at increasing accessibility of the Pluton (PLU) token. The programme was approved by the Plutus community via a voting system and is now fully underway.

Plutus has partnered with five exchanges who will carry out listings and/or micro-sales of PLU.

New Exchange Listing — Latoken

Time: 06 Nov 2020, 12:00 BST

Activity: Listing

Today, Plutus can reveal a partnership with the Russian-based centralised exchange, Latoken. Latoken also hosted the Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF) 2020 which Plutus officially sponsored in January.

About Latoken

Founded in 2017, Latoken is now a Top 50 exchange with:

  • 300,000+ registered traders
  • $100m daily trading volume
  • 230+ different coins
  • 520+ pairings

Listing Details

Pairings: PLU/USDT

PLU Price: Market Spot Rate

Availability: All 200 countries


Note: Pluton was designed to be an in-app utility token and is not here to be speculated upon. PLU is to be purchased to acquire its benefits and for in-app usage.

PLU Allocated

Allocation: 10,000 PLU

Function: Liquidity Provider

We have allocated 10,000 PLU to our liquidity provider, who will support both maker and taker orders on Latoken. This will ensure that PLU is easily accessible.

PLIP | Summary

Below is a summary of the events that have taken place so far, as well as the events that are still to come:

  • On 07 Oct 2020, we hosted a token sale of 100,000 PLU on our own internal PlutusDEX exchange.
  • On 30 Oct 2020, we revealed the listing of PLU on the Tier 2 exchange, BitMax.
  • On 06 Nov 2020, we revealed the listing of PLU on the Tier 3 exchange, Latoken.
  • On 26 Nov 2020, a listing and token sale will take place on our Tier 1 exchange partner.
  • In December, a listing will take place on another Tier 1 exchange partner.
  • Several other exchanges have shown interest in adding PLU but details are yet to be confirmed.

More to Come…

There is still plenty of news still to emerge this year, including the above partnership reveals and several product releases. Follow our Medium blog where we will cover the news in the most depth or our Twitter account for the highlights.

If you have more questions and want to speak directly with the team, join us on Discord or Telegram. You can also chat with our tight-knit community, many of whom have been heavily involved with Plutus since its origins.

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