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PLIP | Liquidity Provider — Altonomy

We recently revealed the Pluton Liquidity Injection Programme which involves five exchange partners that will help increase accessibility of PLU and usage of the Pluton (PLU) token.


  • We hosted a successful micro-sale on our own internal platform, the PlutusDEX.
  • We have revealed two of our five exchange partnerships — this includes a listing of PLU with the current highest volumes on BitMax.
  • Our Tier 1 listing has moved forward in the queue — this is up next and will be revealed on 17 Nov 2020.

Our Liquidity Provider — Altonomy

To accommodate any potential volume increases, we have partnered with Altonomy to ensure PLU is liquid across our exchange partners. The liquidity provider has supported Top 10 coins such as Tether. You can find out more about Altonomy here.

Note: Pluton was designed to be an in-app utility token and is not here to be speculated upon. The partnership aims to increase accessibility of PLU to be used in-app.

What will this Achieve?

The partnership will help improve accessibility of PLU by ensuring swaps between the token and various other currencies are actioned.

“Altonomy has worked with industry-leaders which makes it a suitable fit for Plutus. This collaboration, coupled with our top tier partnerships, will help increase accessibility of PLU.” — Danial Daychopan

More to Come…

There are several more announcements emerging this year. The next exchange reveal is of our Tier 1 partner on 17 Nov 2020. The sale of which will take place on 26 Nov 2020.

Follow our Medium blog where we will cover all news announcements in the most detail, or our Twitter for highlights.

If you have any questions and want to speak directly with a team member, or members of the community, join us on Discord or Telegram.

If you reside in our supported countries and you are yet to try the Plutus app and card, then we recommend you sign up here and give it a go.



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