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5 min readOct 11, 2023

Plutus has emerged as a leading innovator in the loyalty rewards sector, having distributed over $12m in rewards to more than 100k customers for their everyday shopping. Today, we’re excited to unveil our latest breakthrough.

The Plutus Perks Programme

In a landscape filled with attempts to build crypto cards, Plutus distinguishes itself through its non-custodial rewards card and distinctive Perks Programme. Customers can choose from a selection of ~35 premium Perks, including well-known names like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime. What sets this programme apart is the ability to earn an extra £/€10 in PLU Rewards each month when shopping at these brands with a Plutus Card. This incentive is reshaping customer interactions with featured brands.

Brands Perspective

Our Perks Programme isn’t just appealing to cardholders; it’s also gaining traction among brands. Featuring in the Plutus app offers brands tangible benefits, including increased sign-ups, heightened brand recognition, upselling opportunities, and more.

For instance, Netflix receives over $150k in revenue via Plutus Cards every month, and this is heavily attributed to the rewards we provide. For customers, the appeal of Netflix grows significantly when customers know they’ll receive up to 100% of the payment back in rewards.

As a result, Plutus has attracted the attention of brands looking to meet various marketing objectives, and Plutus is capitalising this opportunity to deliver further value to Plutus Cardholders; setting new standards in the world of rewards.

Creating a Self-Sustaining Rewards Model

Plutus is transforming the rewards landscape by introducing a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties: Plutus, Customers, and Brands.

Plutus has already established revenue-sharing agreements with numerous Perk partners, which involves us earning a share of the revenue generated when customers shop at these partnered brands.

Instead of these brands providing revenue to Plutus in traditional fiat currency, our updated policy will now require partnered brands to use PLU for their contributions. The entirety of the PLU obtained will be subsequently reintroduced into the Pluton Rewards Pool.

The outcome contributes to a self-sustaining rewards model where customers effortlessly earn rewards through their Plutus Card shopping, which are then recycled back into the Pluton Rewards Pool to be earned again, significantly increasing its longevity and reducing the circulating supply.

PLU redeemed from partners will be independently verified by Haggards Crowther, a UK chartered accountancy firm, against our internal data and partner invoices. Verified amounts will be reintroduced into the Pluton Rewards Pool via quarterly reconciliations.

Why It Works?

  • Customers: Benefit from the ease of earning rewards.
  • Brands: Enjoy cost-effective, high-ROI marketing opportunities.
  • Plutus: Establishes a self-sustaining rewards model.

Our agreements are built on a performance basis, which means that as Plutus continues to grow and our customers spend more at our Perk brand partners, we’ll see an even greater influx of PLU recycled into the Pluton Rewards Pool. This not only benefits our users but also provides a powerful incentive for brands to participate alongside our customers and thrive within our ecosystem.

Next Steps

At Plutus, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what rewards can offer, always striving to provide exceptional value to our users, and actively contributing to the rewards landscape. This is just one of the many strategies we’re implementing to enhance the value for our customers.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments, including subscription plans and Reward Level updates, as we continue to enhance our customers’ experience and improve sustainability.


When is the launch date for the new self-sustaining perks?

There is no specific launch date as the above improvements are already operational. Affiliate partners who were previously paying in fiat are now required to redeem PLU to cover the costs of featuring as a Perk.

Can you provide information on Plutus’ brand partnerships and the financial details of these agreements?

To ensure that all agreements are as competitive as they can be, we are unable to share commercially sensitive details. Due to contractual agreements, we cannot publicly disclose the names, trademarks, or trade names of the brands we are in revenue-sharing agreements with.

What are the criteria for brands to become partners?

Plutus evaluates potential partners based on a range of factors, which include customer appeal, store locations, geographical considerations, growth projections, and more. It’s important to note that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all set of rules for partnerships. Each potential collaboration is assessed on a case-by-case basis, allowing us to tailor our approach to meet the unique needs and opportunities presented by each brand.

How does Plutus ensure transparency in the revenue-sharing process with partner brands?

Due to the nature of these agreements, Putus is not permitted to share data relating to its partners publicly. As transparency is a core value of Plutus, we are involving an accredited accountancy firm, Haggards Crowther, to verify any proprietary information (e.g., customer transactions, blockchain data, partner invoices) so that we can uphold the integrity of our rewards programme. Details related to these will be available in our quarterly reconciliations.

What is the expected impact of this programme on the sustainability of the Pluton Rewards Pool?

Increasing participation within the Pluton ecosystem plays a crucial role in the longevity of PLU. Therefore, integrating brands, which have the capacity to contribute substantially more than individual customers, into the ecosystem marks an important milestone.

By cultivating a broader network of participants, we anticipate these enhancements will yield a positive and lasting influence on the longevity and enduring strength of the Pluton Rewards Pool.

Are there any plans to expand the Perks Programme to include more brands in the future?

We’ve recently hired industry experts to our Business Development team, who are actively working on expanding our network of partners. Plutus is currently in discussions with several highly sought-after brands, and we plan to unveil new Perk partners in the coming year. Our goal is to have 100% of their costs covered in PLU and subsequently added back into the Rewards Pool.

Where do companies obtain PLU to redeem, internally or externally?

We do not have an internal process for companies to buy PLU, but it may be possible once PlutusSwap is live. As a result, PLU must be sourced elsewhere. In the event that partners are unable to obtain PLU, Plutus helps them with completing this process.




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