Plutus Ambassadors | The New Look

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3 min readMay 5, 2023

Introducing…. our new and improved community initiative, Plutus Ambassadors. We are launching the new programme to be more engaging and, more importantly, more rewarding!

If you are passionate about all things Plutus (which we believe you are), then we want you to join!

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are upstanding members of the Plutus community who have been chosen to represent Plutus and uphold brand values by engaging in activities such as:

  • Helping onboard new users by answering questions
  • Staying up to date with information about Plutus
  • Keeping others informed and correcting misinformation
  • Assisting the team by sharing valuable feedback on Plutus
  • Creating content such as blogs, memes, infographics, and more!
  • Contributing to the growth of the community across social media
  • Advocating Plutus’ vision of being the most rewarding crypto card

How Do I Benefit?


  • Access to exclusive Ambassador merchandise
  • Early access to announcements and new features
  • Having a more direct line to the Plutus team
  • Share your feedback on how to improve Plutus
  • Earn PLU Rewards for your activity as an Ambassador
  • Become part of an exclusive team contributing to Plutus’ vision

Earning PLU Rewards as an Ambassador

Plutus Ambassadors earn thousands in rewards monthly. Over $20k worth of PLU Rewards was paid out to active Ambassadors in 2022. We expect this figure to be significantly higher in 2023 due to a larger support base.


We have integrated a tracking tool that enables us to monitor our community’s engagement on various social media platforms. Ambassadors earn points depending on their activity across the internet and our communication forums. At the end of each month, Ambassadors with the most points will be rewarded.

Our top 200 Ambassadors share a monthly prize pool worth thousands in value, with the leaders earning a larger share. Join now to get more details.

How Do I Join?

Complete this form to apply.


How does Plutus track and reward Ambassador activity?

In our reworked system, we use a tool that tracks and rewards! It also gives Ambassadors the opportunity to engage 24/7 across more platforms.

What can I do to ensure my application is successful?

We like to add new Ambassadors to our ranks who are already upstanding members of the Plutus community. To ensure the best chances of your application being successful, you should:

Can I be an Ambassador if I’m not a Plutus cardholder?

The purpose of the programme is for Ambassadors to engage with current and future Plutus customers. With this in mind, we only accept those who are currently Plutus cardholders.

We may make exceptions for those that are knowledgeable of the product from a region where Plutus has yet to launch but will launch in the future (such as the United States).




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