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Plutus Bi-Monthly Report — Audits, KYC Amendments & Vacancies (Feb 1/2)

Welcome back to our bi-monthly reporting, the Plutus team has been working at full speed on a wide variety of tasks over the last fortnight and we are pleased with the progress being made.

Pinned Announcements

  • You can buy BTC, ETH & PLU on our BETA PlutusDEX platform with 0% fees.
  • Our BETA Plutus Tap & Pay mobile app is available on Android and iOS. It lets you sell crypto for fiat and withdraw to your bank account via SEPA transfers.
  • We aim for a complete product overhaul including the card release to be completed in the coming months.

Development Update


We have been refining our AML and KYC policies with an established next-generation screening and monitoring tool in order to ensure our regulatory measures meet the strict traditional banking and payments standards. This was a lengthy process, but we are on track.

Enhancements have also been made to the UX of the KYC process from a user’s perspective on both web and mobile applications. We have additionally set up learning procedures and analytics around KYC interactions so we can learn and iterate rapidly from our users for future amendments.

Security Audits

We passed our security audit. We were required to undergo a full manual security penetration test of our DEX application for our card provider, to prove the robustness of our security features. The renowned software audit company accepted our approach and the process enabled us to implement some small changes that will further increase our security.

We also completed the implementation of a service side antivirus, this was a hard requirement for our worldwide card provider — another box checked off.

Other progress includes optimisation of the KYC function (no longer writes data to disk, faster, less IO); implementation of EFK for improved log aggregation and monitoring; analysis (and rejection) of EKS for Kubernetes management.

Marketing Update

The marketing team held an internal meeting to discuss the aesthetics of our upcoming Plutus Debit Cards; evaluating the textures, colours and how we can differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market. We also engaged with two leading card manufacturers, who supply most household name cards, to discuss what is possible with regards to finishes and special effects.

The team has been working avidly on our content video strategy in line with our anticipated card release due over the coming months. We have outlined and created a schedule of titles and formats of 11 how-to videos, these will be supported by additional content and digital promotions.

With our Plutus 2.0 upgrade approaching, the team has laid out the designs for of a new website — more specifically the written content side and not the imagery. This includes the sub-pages, our products, feature descriptions and navigations.

On top of this, we continue to prepare for our large scale marketing activities; this includes ongoing press networking, identifying potential strategic brand partners for our launch, narrowing down potential speaker events, and finalising of our blogger/influencer activities.

The team has upped their regular posting across various social media platforms and this will be continued over the coming weeks.

Plutus Vacancies

In order to accommodate the progress being made, we have decided to further expand our impressive workforce. We are looking for four new talented individuals to join our team and grow Plutus to its full potential.

Senior DevOps Engineer

We are seeking an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer interested in improving our highly available, robust and secure platform on AWS. The newest member will be responsible for architecting and implementing solutions, as well as coordinating with the teams responsible for other layers of the product development.

Senior Frontend Developer

The successful applicant must have a passion for web application development and the related ecosystem of tools and libraries. They must be able to demonstrate: strong frontend skills, the ability to produce pixel-perfect picture, extensive React/Redux experience and proficient Javascript/CSS/HTML coding.

Senior Full Stack Developer

This role requires a similar skill set to our Senior Frontend Developer role plus additional strong backend experience with Node.js/Express development. Our applicants must also possess strong SQL, PostgreSQL coding principles.

Head of Blockchain

We are also in search of a respected, reputed blockchain specialist with a good understanding of Financial Services and regulatory framework. The successful candidate will provide thought-leadership on all things crypto and blockchain, as well as some hands-on solidity programming and public speaking.

Building a product is a highly collaborative effort, and as such, strong team players with a commitment to perfection is a must. If you feel capable of contributing to the Plutus platform, or know of someone who might be suitable, then please refer to our application page here.

Fact: It’s possible to buy as little as 0.00000001฿ (aka 1 Satoshi) which is less than a thousandth of a penny.

We currently support Bitcoin trading for zero fees on our decentralised exchange, the PlutusDEX. Although much more challenging to build, decentralised exchanges offer far better security as there is no central storage of funds susceptible to hacks, corruption etc. Decentralised exchanges match users looking to trade directly instead of acting as the trusted middleman in possession of your assets.

Social Reminder

As always, we would like to remind you of our various social media platforms. Our medium page is the best place to stay up-to-date with company announcements and we have some very important ones on the horizon. Make sure you follow us here.

Our Telegram channel is a great place to get in direct contact with the team or community. You can find answers to FAQs, receive customer service help with our products, or hear the latest on our bounties or giveaways on there. Make sure you join us here.

We also stay active across a range of other social media channels. If you want to stay as informed as possible on Plutus, make sure you follow us across these.

About Plutus

For those that are new here, Plutus is a payments platform designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Currently, less than 0.1% of businesses accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and the rate of merchant acceptance is actually negative.

Plutus is a crypto-fiat gateway combined with a payments system. Users can seamlessly convert the amount of crypto necessary for a purchase into regular fiat and then pay in-store. Plutus payments are accepted at over 400 million merchants via our Plutus Debit Card or mobile app.

Using our services, you can trade between BTC/ETH/PLU and EUR right now without any fees attached. The Plutus 2.0 upgrade arriving in the coming months will introduce the payment functionality alongside a range of additional features including Pluton rewards.

To find out more about how Plutus works, make sure you visit our website.



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