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Plutus Bi-Monthly Report — Micro-Animations (Jun 2/2)

Welcome back to our bi-monthly report, progress at Plutus is coming along nicely and the team are keen to unveil all their hard work.

Pinned Announcements

  • Access to features is available to team accounts and members of our Pilot Programme.
  • The aim of the Pilot is to gather feedback from our community in order to provide an improved platform for the wider audience.
  • Our site and a new app will be available to the wider public once the pilot ends, unveiling our new live features.

Development Update

Mobile App Progress

The core features of our mobile app are operational, and we will be sharing the minimum viable product (MVP) with our test card users for feedback and functional testing very soon.

We are currently awaiting some high-end micro-animations for the mobile app to heighten the user experience. We are using Lottie by Airbnb, a well-known animation tool that exports files in JSON format and renders them natively on various device types.

Approaching Pilot Rollout

With the MVP — users will be able to log in, view their balances, transfer fiat, view transactions, perform all card activities (freeze, unfreeze, etc.), and log out. Other features will be rolled out incrementally in line with our sprint schedule.

We will also be releasing our crypto DEX to pilot users shortly for rigorous testing. Please keep an eye out on our Discord channel for further updates regarding release windows.

Marketing Update

Card Mailer

With the Plutus Debit Cards and packaging in production, the team has been sourcing a luxury mailer to send our product in. The team has been looking at various high-quality padded parcels that protect our product whilst meeting our strict brand requirements (dimensions, texture, colour, etc.). We have identified a slick mailer that houses the packaging snuggly and we are finalising a bulk purchase. A great deal of thought has been placed on every imaginable element to make your unboxing experience a pleasure.


The marketing team has begun creating a series of interesting infographics to educate our user base and highlight some of the benefits of using Plutus. The mini-series will include a number of topical facts for all types of enthusiasts (from the newbies to the veterans).

Pluton Rewards

The team has established a potential rewards partner and we are well into discussions with them over the possible rewards to offer our users. However, in order to ensure the greatest benefits to our valued community, we are continuing to research alternative 3rd party reward partners that can provide you with the best possible incentives.

General Update

Card Production

Our physical Plutus Debit Cards are in production right now and we expect a final delivery date from the manufacturers anytime now. We can then phase out our pilot programme test cards with the real thing — shipping to both UK and EEA users in planned stages.

Fact: Mining machines used to validate cryptocurrency transactions consume an incredible amount of energy. According to Digiconomist, Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Switzerland, and a single transaction uses enough electricity to power 17.2 U.S. households for a day.

*Figures are an aggregate of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash*

Despite these shocking statistics, a study from CoinShare released this month estimates that 74.1% of Bitcoin mining is powered by renewable energy; helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency.

Social Reminder

As always, we would like to remind you of our various social media platforms. Our Medium page is the best place to stay up to date with company announcements; we have reached an exciting period of development and you can expect plenty of major updates in the coming weeks. Join us here.

Our Discord channel is a great place to get in direct contact with the team or community. You can find answers to FAQs, receive customer service help with our products, or hear the latest on our bounties/giveaways on this channel. If you have any questions, make sure you reach out to our staff here.

We also stay active across a range of other social media channels. If you want to stay as informed as possible on Plutus, make sure you follow us across these.

About Plutus

Plutus will be a non-custodial finance application that incorporates digital currencies, this is a revolutionary development that has never been achieved before.

There are five elements that make Plutus 2.0 the ultimate finance app. You can…

  • Access and manage your fiat
  • Access and manage your crypto from the same interface
  • Freely and securely exchange between the two asset types
  • Spend anywhere via a Plutus Debit Card
  • Earn blockchain-based tokens in the process

Users will be able to deposit GBP/EUR directly into their very own Plutus Current Account. We are also integrating a very well-known 3rd party decentralised wallet provider so you can access your cryptocurrencies from the same user interface. The ability to manage both asset types from a single app brings much-needed convenience and simplicity to a tech-heavy sector.

We are also integrating our PlutusDEX into the mobile app so users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies seamlessly without the security concerns. Plutus is non-custodial on the crypto side which means the users are always in complete control of their funds; any company hacks or downtime will have no impact on the users’ digital currencies.

Users will be able to spend at over 400 million merchants, both online and in-store, using a Plutus Debit Card. The integrated exchange means users can seamlessly convert the amount of crypto necessary for a payment into their native currency and spend in-store.

Those who deposit funds (fiat or crypto) to their card balance and spend will receive up to 3% back in the form of Pluton (PLU). PLU can be sent to friends on the blockchain, converted to cash using our services and more. Rewarding users for everyday shopping on a debit card will inadvertently introduce regular consumers into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and encourage mass adoption.



A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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Plutus provides an alternative to modern banking and combines it with the ease of access to cryptocurrencies. Earn 3% back in crypto!