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12 min readSep 22, 2023

Are you ready to embark on a journey where luxury meets captivating rewards? Plutus is thrilled to unveil its most prestigious offering yet — Plutus Metal Cards (pre-orders). Get ready to discover a whole new level of financial empowerment, status, and benefits like never before.

Plutus Metal

Available Metal Card Versions

We proudly present two exclusive and alluring Metal Card designs:

  • GOAT Metal — The pinnacle of prestige, awarded to esteemed GOATs.
  • Plutus Metal — Gateway to yielding benefits, assigned to eligible users.

With these cards, you’re not just acquiring a piece of metal; you’re gaining access to a world of rewarding benefits and features like supercharged perks (up to £/€50), double reward vouchers, and stackable Perks.

Unlock the Perfect Package for You

Plutus Metal Cards offer three distinct bundle options, each carefully designed to cater to your unique needs and deliver exceptional value. As you explore these bundles, you’ll notice that the benefits they offer far surpass the costs. For instance, GOATs can earn up to £/€8,400 in PLU Rewards, with a substantial £/€6,600 coming from their perks alone.

To get a comprehensive breakdown of the exclusive benefits that await you, take a closer look at the table below.

Key Metal Benefits

  • Supercharged Perks: Earn up to £/€50 in PLU Rewards per perk for up to 12 months.
  • Double Reward Vouchers: Choose transactions once per month to earn double rewards on, with a potential value of up to £/€100.
  • Stackable Perks: Select the same perk multiple times to increase the value in rewards you can earn at a single brand.
  • Golden Tickets: Invite friends and family via a Golden Ticket, and both of you will enjoy a $50 referral bonus.
  • Premium Merch Box: Includes a limited edition T-shirt, Hoodie, Metal Card, and a branded ledger (select bundles).

Note: With every bundle, customers can recoup the costs and far more in rewards with ease. Please read the FAQ for examples and the breakdown.

Requirements for Acquiring a Metal Card

To become eligible to pre-order a Metal Card, specific criteria must be met, depending on the card variant you desire.

For GOAT Metal:

  • Unlock GOAT Reward Level by meeting PLU stacking criteria.
  • Join the waitlist using your Plutus account email address.

For Plutus Metal:

  • Connect a wallet to your Plutus account.
  • Accumulate a stack of ≥25 PLU in this connected wallet.
  • Join the waitlist using your Plutus account email address.

Moreover, if you’ve reached Hero, Veteran, or Legend Reward Level, you’ll automatically qualify for pre-ordering if you are on the waiting list.

Key Dates to Remember

  • Join the Waitlist: Ensure eligibility by joining before September 27th, 11:59 BST. You can join the waitlist here >
  • Pre-order Starts: On September 28th, 13:00 BST, the pre-order window opens for eligible waitlist members.
  • Act Fast: Metal Cards are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they’re limited edition. Don’t miss out — be prepared!

FAQ | Metal Card and Ordering

1) How do I order a metal card?

  • Join the Waitlist: Sign up with your email here.
  • Pre-order: Log in on your desktop, choose your bundle, and complete the purchase.
  • Confirmation: You’ll receive confirmation of your pre-order.

2) Which payment methods will there be to order the metal card?

Payment for Metal Cards will be deducted from your Plutus Virtual Card. Make sure your balance is topped up for a seamless pre-order.

3) Is it possible to make a partial deposit payment for the Metal Card and complete the payment at a later time?

No, the payment for Metal Card bundles must be made in full upfront. Partial deposit payments are not available.

4) Is there a cooling-off period or refund policy if someone changes their mind after purchasing a Metal Card bundle?

Yes, customers will have a 14-day refund period during which they can request a refund if they change their mind about their Metal Card bundle purchase. After this period, bundles are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances as determined by Plutus.

5) Can I redeem PLU for a Metal Card?

This batch of Metal Cards is currently available for fiat pre-order only. Stay tuned for future batches with PLU redemption opportunities.

6) Do I earn PLU rewards on my Metal Card pre-order payment?

No, the payment for Metal Card pre-orders is deducted in fiat from your Plutus account and doesn’t generate crypto rewards.

7) Is the inventory adequate for all, or is there a priority list?

Inventory is limited to 1% of our 100k+ customers. Pre-orders follow a first-come, first-served basis, so to avoid disappointment, be prepared. GOATs are guaranteed an opportunity to pre-order the black versions given they place their order within timeframes (see below).

8) When is the pre-order period closing?

The pre-order period for Plutus Metal cards is a flash sale. It will close as soon as all Plutus Metal cards are sold out. For GOATs, in particular, they will have until the end of the same day in which Plutus Metal cards sell out to complete their GOAT Metal purchases before pre-ordering is closed. So, it’s essential for all groups to act swiftly to secure a Metal card.

9) Can I have both a metal card and a regular physical card?

Yes, you can manage and use both card types within the app. All cards will share a unified balance.

10) When will the Metal Cards arrive?

Premium Metal Cards are expected to ship in the first half of 2024, following the pre-order phase.

11) When can we expect Plastic Cards?

Plastic cards are in production and will arrive sooner than metal cards. Grounded in community feedback, we are avoiding exact ETA’s to avoid any expectations gaps. Rest assured, we are working diligently to expedite the process as quickly as possible.

12) Can I purchase multiple Metal Cards?

Due to their limited edition nature, users can only buy one Metal Card bundle.

13) Why doesn’t my total internal stacking of ≥25 PLU qualify me?

We’re enhancing token utility, and connecting a wallet is a crucial aspect of this initiative. We recommend withdrawing your PLU rewards to your connected wallet to meet eligibility criteria.

Note: This rule applies only to users who haven’t reached a Reward Level yet. For users at Hero, Veteran, Legend, or GOAT levels, both internally and externally sourced PLU stack will count.

14) Why can I not order a Metal Card without the benefits if I have successfully stacked ≥25 PLU?

This is a unique limited edition batch with extremely rewarding benefits; everyone who has stacked ≥25 has been given the opportunity to join this one-off sale. However, there will be a later batch available for those who prefer just the metal card without the additional benefits at a lower cost. Those who maintain their 25 minimum PLU stack (external wallets) will have first priority for this option.

15) How do I connect a wallet?

To learn how to connect a wallet, simply refer to our HelpDesk article by clicking here >

FAQ | Metal Card Benefits and Usage

1) Are these new bundles replacing my current benefits?

The New Metal Card bundles replace some of your existing benefits on your subscription plan or Reward Level. After your bundle expires, your benefits will return to normal.

  • Percentage Back: No change
  • Rewards Cap: No change
  • Perks: Updated
  • Referrals (Golden Ticket): Updated

2) When do Metal Card benefits start?

Metal Card benefits activate when you receive your physical Metal Card.

3) Will merchandise be delivered separately before the metal card?

Yes, merchandise will be delivered in June along with in-app benefits; the metal card will follow. It’s shipped by a third party (TAG Systems) in the U.S., adding more production and delivery time than anticipated.

(3. Edited: 23rd May, 2023)

4) Do benefits expire, or do they stay until they are redeemed?

Benefits have preset lifespans: Champion (3 months), Master (6 months), Grandmaster (12 months). Extension options will be revealed.

5) Will the benefits of the Metal Card be associated with the individual Metal Card or with the Plutus account?

Benefits are linked to your Plutus account, offering flexibility across all your cards. All your cards will draw funds from the same balance.

6) Are there delays in shipping Metal Cards, and what if there are delays?

The given lead time on production from Tag Systems falls in H1. Delays are not expected. If they occur, appropriate actions will be taken to ensure customer satisfaction.

7) How far in the future will the metal card’s expiry date be?

Metal Cards have a five-year expiration date.

8) How can I specify the size for my merchandise (merch) selection?

You will receive an email with a form requesting your merchandise size in advance of the arrival of your Premium Merch box.

9) Will the Plutus Metal have lounge access provided by other metal cards?

No, Plutus Metal is a unique reward card designed to enhance our customers’ day-to-day spending experience. Currently, it does not plan to offer third-party access features similar to those available in average metal cards provided elsewhere.

FAQ | Rewards, Perks, and Benefits

1) Are supercharged perks, double rewards, and golden tickets one-off benefits or yearly?

These benefits are one-time offerings attached to the length of your bundle. Details about renewals of these benefits will be provided in the future.

2) Can “Double Reward Vouchers” be used on perks?

No, Double Reward Vouchers are specifically designed for percentage back rewards and won’t be applied to Perks or Supercharged Perks.

3) Can the Double Reward Voucher be used multiple times, for example, to earn rewards from Lidl multiple times until reaching a certain amount?

No, these are single-use vouchers, and you cannot combine them for multiple transactions. Each voucher can be applied to one transaction only.

4) With Supercharged Perks, do you need to spend €50 to get the €50 reward, or is it sufficient to spend only €10 to unlock the €50 perk reward?

To earn a €50 in PLU reward, you would need to spend €50 on a perk. However, stacking perks can maximize other benefits.

5) Can Supercharged Perks be consumed across multiple transactions?

Yes, Supercharged Perks will function in the same way as current perks. You will earn rewards on the first £/€50 worth of transactions at said Perk, regardless of the number of transactions made.

6) Will additional Perks be introduced, and will the current Perks list expand (e.g. REWE including Spar)?

There are no immediate plans to add more Perks or extend availability. However, the programme is continually evolving.

7) How are stackable perks going to work?

Stackable Perks is a brand-new feature that will be introduced with selected Metal Card bundles next year.

Stackable Perks are one of the most high in demanded features, enabling customers to maximise the value of each perk by combining them. For example, if you have two €10 perks, you can use them both at a single brand like ALDI to receive €20 back in PLU Rewards.

Please read our HelpDesk article for more details.

8) How long are Stackable Perks going to last?

Stackable perks last as long as your bundle lasts.
Master: 6x months
Grandmaster: 12x months

Extension plans will be revealed in due course.

9) Is there a limit to the number of perks you can stack?

By default, you can stack 2 perks each month at a single brand. However, there will be an option to stack additional Perks.

10) How do I stack additional Perks once my default x2 stackable Perk allowance is used?

There will be an option to stack additional Perks by redeeming PLU.

Let’s say you are a Veteran user with access to 5 Perks, and you’ve chosen the Grandmaster bundle, which offers up to £/€50 in PLU for each perk. Here’s how you can maximise your rewards:

  • You could stack Aldi two times to earn £/€100 in rewards.
  • Beyond this, you cannot stack additional perks unless you redeem PLU.

By redeeming PLU, you could:

  • Increase the number of times you stack a single merchant (e.g., Tesco 3x as opposed to the standard 2x).
  • Stack multiple different merchants at the same time (e.g., Tesco 3x, Lidl 2x, Rewe 5x).

This approach lets you stack multiple perks to earn greater value at any available brand. It also provides you with access to maximise additional perks and rewards by redeeming earned PLU to stack more Perks.

Important Note: Stackable Perks is a standalone feature that will be introduced with selected Metal Card bundles. More details, including information on redeeming PLU to stack more Perks, will be available at a later date as part of our initiative to enhance the utility of PLU tokens.

11) Can I choose any transactions to apply my Double Rewards Voucher?

Yes, you have the flexibility to select transactions of preference for Double Rewards once a month.

12) When can we select and apply the Double Rewards Voucher? Can it be done at the end of the month to make a strategic choice?

You will have most of the month to choose the transaction for your Double Rewards Voucher, providing enough time to make an informed decision and maximise your rewards. However, there will be a cut-off period at the end of each month to prevent misuse.

13) How much do I earn with the Golden Tickets?

With a Golden Ticket, both the referrer and referee receive $50 in PLU upon successfully completing the sign-up process. If the referee does not complete the whole sign-up process, it will not be counted as a used Golden Ticket, and neither party will receive the referral payout.

14) Will the Metal Card benefits be applied to the new subscription plan and Reward Level model?

Yes, Metal Card benefits will be applied to the new subscription and Reward Level model.

15) Do Metal Card packages come with their own perks, or do the perks come from Reward Levels and/or Subscriptions?

No, Metal Card bundles do not have additional perks; they replace existing benefits with higher benefits.

16) If I upgrade my stack during the course (e.g. from Hero to Veteran), will the package adjust accordingly after the 30 day stack period?

Yes, if you unlock a new Reward Level, then your following month’s Reward Level benefits will be accounted for. More details in due course.

17) Can I upgrade my bundle from Master to Grandmaster before or halfway through activation?

No, once you have selected a bundle, it cannot be changed or upgraded before or during its activation period.

18) How much PLU could I earn with these bundles?

Bundles offer significant PLU rewards exceeding costs. The exact PLU potential varies by bundle.

Example 1: Hero with Premium Subscription and Champion Bundle

  • Perks: 7 perks x 3 months x $20 = $420 in PLU
  • Double Reward Voucher: 3 x $100 = $300 in PLU
  • Referral Bonuses: 3 x $50 = $150 in PLU
  • Total PLU Potential (Value): $870 worth

Example 2: GOAT with Premium Subscription and Grandmaster Bundle

  • Perks: 11 perks x 12 months x $50 = $6,600 in PLU
  • Double Reward Vouchers: 12 x $100 = $1,200 in PLU
  • Referral Bonuses: 12 x $50 = $600 in PLU
  • Total PLU Potential (Value): $8,400 worth

Important Note: These calculations take the upcoming subscription plan and Reward Level improvements into account. In the above example, the GOAT boosted their Perks from 8 to 11 in total with the new Premium subscription. Metal Cards and their benefits will arrive after the new subscription plan and Reward Level changes have taken place.

19) Is there a limit to how much PLU I can earn with each Double Rewards Voucher?

Yes, there is a cap. Users can earn a maximum of £/€100 worth of PLU with each Double Rewards Voucher.

20) How frequently can I use the Double Rewards Vouchers?

Users receive one Double Rewards Voucher every month, valid for the same month.

21) How does the Double Rewards Voucher cap work?

The £/€100 in PLU cap on Double Rewards Voucher applies uniformly to all users, regardless of their subscription plan or Reward Level.

This means that for GOATs, the Double Rewards Voucher benefits are maximised on transactions up to £/€625. For instance, on a transaction of this value, they would earn £/€50 worth of rewards (i.e. 8%), which can then be doubled to a total of £/€100 worth.

In another example, a GOAT user spends €1,000 — they would typically earn €80 worth of PLU. However, when they use the Double Rewards Voucher, the rewards are capped at £/€100 in PLU. In this case, they’ll receive an extra £/€20 in PLU, bringing their total rewards to £/€100 for that transaction.

22) Are stackable perks exclusive to Metal Card pre-orders?

Stackable Perks will be limited to select Metal Card bundles, with options to extend benefits.

23) What’s included in the Premium Merch box?

The Premium Merch box includes a limited edition T-shirt, Hoodie, branded ledger (selected bundles), and your impeccably crafted Metal Card.

24) Which Ledger model is going to be added to the Grandmaster bundle?

The branded Ledger model added to the Grandmaster bundle is the Nano S Plus.

25) Will the hardware wallet bear the branding of the manufacturer and come sealed?


FAQ | Other

1) Who is our manufacturing partner for the Metal Cards?

We’ve partnered with Tag Systems, a renowned card manufacturer. This factory is trusted by prestigious brands like Amex, Revolut, JP Morgan, Monzo, and Starling to craft their metal cards.




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