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Plutus Perks | External Staking & Level 1–5 Upgrades

Decentralised staking and improvements to the Plutus Perks feature are now live! This blog will cover the changes that have been made and how it works.

External Staking

The Pluton (PLU) that you own can now be staked using your external wallet in a decentralised manner! You can now obtain the benefits of Plutus Perks by holding PLU in your own personal wallets.

What Does This Mean?

You can now connect multiple wallets and Plutus will calculate your cumulative PLU holdings across these, as well as your Pluton Reward earnings in your dashboard, meaning there is no need to consolidate your PLU holdings into a single wallet.

Plutus Perks | External Staking & Level 1–5 Upgrades

Wallet Verification

In order for your personal cryptocurrency wallet to be verified, you must execute a PLU or ETH sell order on the PlutusDEX. If you have multiple wallets containing PLU, the process must be repeated for each wallet.

Once you have executed the sell order and we have validated the wallet, we can scan its contents (your PLU balance) due to the transparent nature of the blockchain and determine your Plutus Perks Level.

Level Upgrades

  • Level 1 and Level 2 are currently live. If you have sufficient PLU, you can instantly enjoy the Perks within.
  • Level 3 is temporarily paused as it contains Travel & Tourism related brands which are currently affected by the worldwide restrictions to the hospitality industry.
  • In order to unlock Level 4 and Level 5, you must stake sufficient PLU continuously for 21-days.

Staking Requirements

Staking requirements are as follows:

  • 1 PLU to unlock Level 1
  • 100 PLU to unlock Level 2
  • 500 PLU to unlock Level 3
  • 2,000 PLU to unlock Level 4
  • 4,000 PLU to unlock Level 5

The team will be continually iterating upon the Plutus Perks feature to offer increasingly more rewards and utility for the PLU token.

Note: Reaching a level does not necessarily mean all Perks within are unlocked. There are sub-requirements to unlock certain Perks.

Unlock Level 4 & 5

Upgrades have been made to Level 4 and Level 5 of Plutus Perks, read the details below.

Staking Rules

In order to enjoy the benefits of Level 4 and Level 5, you must stake PLU for a minimum of 21-days. If your staked PLU holdings fall below the staking requirements of Level 4 or Level 5, then the counter will be reset to 0-days.

Note: The 21-day time-lock only applies to Level 4 and Level 5, the other Levels can be unlocked immediately if the staking requirements are met.

Higher Pluton Reward Rates

Level 4 and Level 5 users will receive a higher Pluton Reward rate at 60+ million online and in-store Visa merchants.

Increased Partner Rewards

Level 4 and Level 5 users will also receive an additional PLU reward on all previously unlocked Perks at household brands.

Free Premium/Pro Account

Staking sufficient PLU continuously for 21 days will unlock a free Premium/Pro account for one month. Before the end of your free month, we will check if you have staked continuously for the 21 days prior and, if so, your free month’s subscription will be renewed.

Bonus for Buying PLU

Top stakers can enjoy an additional bonus in PLU whenever they purchase the token via the PlutusDEX.

The PLU will be visible in the Earned section of your Pluton dashboard immediately and counts towards your staking balance, this move across to Available after the time-lock expires.

Note: The purchased PLU will be paid out immediately, whereas the bonus PLU will be locked up for our standard 45-days transaction verification process to prevent abuse of the reward system.

More to Come…

Rewards Paid Out in Crypto & Faster

From next year, Perk reward payments will be improved and awarded in crypto only rather than additional fiat cashback. This will allow us to offer improved reward rates at a more extensive list of retailers; it also ensures your payout date is fixed and not dependent on lengthy 3rd party processes (180+ days). This change will take effect in Q1 2021.

Partnerships & Awareness

There are plenty of exciting product releases, UX improvements, and rewarding news still to emerge! PLU is now available on Bitfinex and it will be listed on another Tier 1 exchange in Asia before the end-of-year. This will be in line with our card launch in the far East next year. You can find our latest roadmap below.

Stay Up to Date

To stay up-to-date with the latest ongoing, follow our Medium blog where we cover all major announcements in the most depth such as our complete road map. Join us on Twitter for the highlights.

To speak directly with a member of the team, or our warm-hearted community, join us on Discord or Telegram.


What is Pluton Rewards?

Every time a Premium/Pro member spends with their Plutus Debit Card, they earn up to 3% of the purchase back in Pluton (PLU), our native utility token. This applies to all retailers (both online and in-store) and comes as standard, regardless of how much PLU you own.

What is Plutus Perks?

Staking PLU can unlock additional rewards at selected online retailers. The more PLU you own, the more retail brands you will unlock and the more significant the rewards become. There are five levels in total, each with increasingly challenging staking requirements and more appealing rewards.

What Form are the Rewards Earned?

  • You earn 3% in crypto (PLU) for everyday card purchases
  • You can earn over 15% on top in cashback (your local currency) at select retail partners

What is the Difference Between Staking in Pluton Tab and External Staking?

Our Premium/Pro users have been earning 3% of every purchase back in crypto (PLU). This earned PLU appears in the Pluton Dashboard of your account and contributes towards Perks’ staking requirements.

This Pluton Dashboard is not a wallet, it is purely an accounting screen to track your rewards. Your earned PLU does not leave the Pluton Rewards Pool (17.15m PLU) until it is withdrawn to your personal wallet.

However, you can now connect any wallet of your choice and stake in a decentralised manner. Please see the guide shared above.




A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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Plutus provides an alternative to modern banking and combines it with the ease of access to cryptocurrencies. Earn 3% back in crypto!

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