Plutus Roadmap | 2022 (Q3 Progress)

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5 min readSep 30, 2022


In June 2022, we released our roadmap outlined below. This highlighted our pivot towards a more advanced bank-like app. 3-months after posting, how has Plutus progressed?

Note: This updated roadmap was announced at the community meet-up in London on 14th December 2022.

Additional Service Providers

Plutus has partnered with an established banking service provider which will allow us to offer you a range of new features including:

  • Virtual cards
  • SEPA — instant top-ups 24/7
  • Send money directly to others (e.g. friends)
  • Receive money directly from others (e.g. salary)
  • Current account and card balances combined into one
  • Direct debits
  • Standing orders

The integration with our new partner is well underway and, in 2023, cardholders will be transitioned over several months onto the new and improved version of the Plutus app.

International Expansion

Plutus recently revealed that it will be launching in the United States in Q1 2023.

We are working with our New York-based partners, Prepaid Ventures, to supply Plutus Cards to U.S. residents early next year. Separately, Plutus is obtaining the necessary licenses to operate the Rewards and DEX component of its services across numerous states.

If you live in the U.S., enter your email address below to join our waitlist and receive early access to a Plutus Card.

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DEX on Mobile (EEA Only)

Plutus is releasing a new and improved version of the PlutusDEX on mobile — this will go live before 10th October.

1) New User Interface

EEA customers will be able to swap crypto and fiat via the mobile app. All PlutusDEX screens on mobile have been revamped so you can enjoy a slicker user experience.

2) Self Custody

Customers will be able to connect their personal crypto wallet to the Plutus mobile app without revealing their seed phrase or private keys. This is more secure for our customers and further aligns us with our non-custodial values.

3) More Supported Wallets

The mobile PlutusDEX will support 170+ wallets including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger Live, MyEtherWallet, Rainbow, Argon, and more!

Note: Our application for a UK Crypto-asset License, which will allow Plutus to re-enable the PlutusDEX in the UK, remains under review.

Physical Plutus Cards

1) Customers on the Waitlist

On 10th October, Plutus Cards will arrive back in stock. If you are on the waitlist, you must log in to the app (on either mobile or web) from 10th October onwards to confirm your delivery address.

Upon confirming your delivery address, we will immediately dispatch your shiny blue Plutus Card and it should arrive within 3 to 14 days depending on your location. Upon arriving and activating your Plutus Card, you can earn a minimum of 3% in crypto rewards for the rest of your life!

We will send a reminder of these instructions via email and social media one week before.

Note: Failure to confirm your delivery address may result in you losing your place in the queue.

2) Customers with Cards Lost / Stolen / Never Received

If you are awaiting a Plutus Card and already have access to the app, then you will receive priority access. Your Plutus Card will automatically be dispatched on 3rd October. Please log in to the app in advance and ensure that your home address is up to date.

This applies to customers who:

  • Reported their cards as lost/stolen
  • Never received a card (appears as inactive upon login)

Website Improvements

The homepage of the website has been improved to better showcase the company’s unique product offerings.

The team has added additional ways to create a Plutus account with a greater focus on downloading the mobile app in the build-up to Q4’s mobile app improvements.

View the new homepage here >

Web App Improvements

Plutus has improved 3 core areas of the web application.

1) Managing Subscriptions — Live

Customers can now manage their subscriptions from the web application. This includes choosing a plan, upgrading, and downgrading.

2) Perks Dashboard — Live

Customers can now manage their Perks from within the web application. This includes selecting your Perks and arranging them in priority order.

3) On-boarding Journey — Pending

The team is redesigning the onboarding journey, removing many of the time-consuming steps so new customers can enjoy a faster and smoother sign-up process. This will go live in mid-October.

Polygon Layer-2 Solution

Currently, Ethereum network fees are significantly lower than they were previously and the majority of our customers can transfer PLU without friction.

As a result, we prioritised higher-impact items such as card top-up improvements which benefited a larger portion of our user base. Our Polygon Layer-2 solution will move into the first half of Q4 2022.

We have reduced PLU withdrawal fees from £/€15 to £/€5 to ensure customers can transfer PLU seamlessly from the app in the meantime.

Additional Updates


Over the last quarter, we have been aggressively hiring team leaders and engineers to continue delivering exciting new features at speed — this includes customer service agents across various time zones to offer 24/7 support.

Plutus has also scaled its marketing efforts with a waitlist of 50,000+ users to receive cards in October, and a separate U.S. waitlist to be onboarded in Q1 2023.

Fee Improvements

Plutus will be improving its fee structure including reduced FX fees, withdrawal fees, free card declines, free ATM declines, and more. This will take effect on 21st November.


Have a question about the roadmap?

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