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Plutus Weekly Report — Additional App Screens and Team Updates

Welcome to our Plutus Weekly Report on the 22nd of November.

As you may know already, security is one of our biggest priorities at Plutus. Our aim is to deliver a payments platform which works within crypto that is unmatchable in terms of user safety and usability. As a result, the dev team have been working on a few changes this week to deliver on this.

What has the development team been working on this week?

This week we have released a new version of our iOS app in the App Store.

We have added additional screens with further instructions regarding payment information, making the customer experience simpler and more efficient.

Ironed out issues with getting real-time updates during matching and tracking of the order processes, and resolved technical issues with our Redis infrastructure.

Currently, we are working on account transfer functionality for selling crypto and linking to the card account. Deployed all major changes related to payments transfers and order matching services.

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Using the power of SEPA transfers, Plutus Tap & Pay is quite possibly the fastest way to get from cryptocurrencies to a bank account balance.

Access your funds whenever you need them, with Plutus Tap & Pay.

You can now download the latest BETA version of the Plutus Tap & Pay app for Android or iOS and enjoy rapid crypto to fiat conversions at zero fees.

The Departure of Martin Szyllo and Filip Martinka

Martin Szyllo and Filip Martinka will unfortunately be leaving Plutus to embark on new challenges.

Filip joined the team at its infancy in 2015 to help with public communications and community support. His professionalism and expertise in the crypto space have helped shape the company line for future communications.

Martin was contracted to join in an interim management role to help Plutus establish a team of international developers, ensuring architectural security and overseeing third-party API integration.

We are incredibly grateful for their work at Plutus and we wish them the best of luck in their next career pursuits. They have left us in a strong position for future growth and we thank them for their contributions. We pride ourselves in sourcing only top-tier talent in order to achieve our ambitious goals and this will be continuing.

As sad as we are to see Martin go, we are also very excited to shortly be announcing our new permanent tech lead. A fintech and crypto veteran in his own right who will be coming in for the next stage of Plutus, helping with scaling our development team for both the UK and offshore. He will steer the company through the final stages of development and oversee the product growth of the ambitious Plutus 2.0 platform planned for an early 2019 release.

We have also hired a new Social Media & Content Marketer who will be covering a large portion of the writing from here forward. A well-rounded young professional who is hungry to grow Plutus’ online presence, with a track record in generating views.

This week the marketing team have been looking at Q1 plans, card mock-ups and EU Partnership Programmes.

Currently, the marketing team are planning for upcoming Q1 events. In order to maximise coverage, a media plan is being put together for the announcement of our card programme and high-profile press launch.

The designers are also putting together some mock-ups of the much-anticipated cards, this includes both the physical cards themselves and all the entailed packaging.

Preparation of our EU Partnership Programme is also in progress. We are identifying businesses that already accept crypto who we can develop mutual interests with through a corporate rewards programme. We believe this will provide us with a stronger brand image and increase exposure.

We will also soon be introducing you to an adjusted 2019 roadmap now that we have discussed some major product developments that we think are best for Plutus’ future. We are incredibly excited as to the changes decided and believe these will transform usability and adoption of the app. The new roadmap will be arriving Jan 2019.

Our bounty hacker programme which has proven extremely successful and helpful is still in progress.

We have so far awarded over $6,000 worth of PLU to individuals stress-testing our services which has greatly fortified the security of our platforms.

Security researchers who successfully identify any major bugs with either our PlutusDEX or ‘Plutus Tap & Pay’ mobile app, will be rewarded with $500 worth of PLU. To find out more, assist in securing our platforms, and earn crypto, please read about it further here.

We would like to remind you of our various social media channels so you can stay up to date with the latest news on our project.

All new announcements will be made on our Medium channel first, if you are looking to keep informed on product developments, blockers and relevant news, please give us a follow here. Our bi-monthly report is also posted on Steemit as a commitment to supporting decentralized alternatives.

To get in touch with our staff and community, Telegram is the best source to visit. The team go over any questions the public may have, inform you of developments made, provide giveaways (you could win €200 worth of PLU just for joining) and more…Please join here.

We are also active on…

Plutus was set up in 2015 by CEO and serial entrepreneur, Danial Daychopan, with the aim of bringing payments that utilize cryptocurrencies to the mass market.

This is being achieved by combining an exchange with a payments system. Users will be able to load either a Plutus debit card or virtual mobile balance with crypto (which is seamlessly converted into spendable fiat) that can then be used for in-store purchases.

We already have beta versions of our services with core functionalities available to the general public.

Our decentralized P2P trading platform known as the PlutusDEX can be used to buy and sell BTC, ETH and PLU at zero fees. What’s more, by design the platform is immune to company hacks, corruption, downtime etc., from having any impact on your funds, as we at no point store the user’s assets. For free trading, visit here.

Our new mobile ‘Plutus Tap & Pay’ app is also available for download on Android and iOS. This enables users to deposit crypto funds too, however, additional features that will enable NFC payments to be made will be arriving shortly. You can download the app early and try it out here.



A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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