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Plutus Weekly Report — Future Architecture Planning & Increasing Explanatory Sources

Welcome to our Plutus Weekly Report on the 28th of November

With the years end approaching there is a lot of smaller tasks being wrapped up alongside some preparations for our biggest approaching year to date. The team are working hard on an assortment of jobs necessary for a complete package launch in Q1.

What have the Development Team been up to?

This week the development team have made some adjustments to our existing ‘Plutus Tap & Pay’ app and discussed a proposal for future developments.

Our employees have made a couple of infrastructure improvements and corrected some bugs relating to our Redis configuration.

We are taking every precaution necessary to make our service the most secure payments platform possible. The Android version of our mobile app with additional warning screens for user safety is now complete and the team are currently testing quality assurance.

The backend part of integration with our card provider is now ready to be integrated with the frontend, on top of this the product requirements have been adjusted slightly.

The team have been spending some time planning the architecture for future product developments, this includes discussions over the architecture of the new onboarding flow, authorization revoke and refresh token procedures.

What has the Marketing Team Focused on this Week?

This week the marketing team have been continuing with their regular duties on top of their Q1 planning which we will delve into next week once a more concrete strategy is set in place.

The team have put together some seasonal content for the community, this includes a summary of the entire year’s progress which breaks down all the highlights, developments and challenges faced by Plutus. We would encourage you to give it a read once available in December.

We want to make it incredibly easy for newcomers to find sources on how Plutus operates and why our services are so revolutionary. We plan to release short educational videos that feature some of our key staff members, the purpose is to simply explain our Plutus services in a way that a mass market can understand.

With this in mind, we will also be adding an ‘About Us’ section to our corporate website that clarifies our company’s story, purpose and product breakdown. This should not only be useful for the newcomers in understanding how Plutus works, but it also aims to improve transparency as to what stages of development we are at.

Our Hacker Bounty Programme is Still Active

As you will know by now, user security is a number one priority which is why we embarked on a Hacker Bounty Programme. This has been ongoing for several months and we are continuing our efforts to fortify the platforms security levels. Security Researchers will be rewarded for identifying any major bugs with €500 worth of our native utility token, PLU.

Our applicants will also be in with a chance of winning the €3,000 (PLU) jackpot for their efforts. To learn more about the programme, please take a look here.

Social Reminder

We want to grow our social media platforms and we would love for you to be a part of that.

If you would like to stay up to date with the all the latest news emerging on Plutus, then be sure to follow our Medium page here. Our weekly update informing you of any blockers, relevant info and developmental progress is posted here first. Our 2018 summary will also be available on there very soon so stay tuned.

For any questions you may have relating to the project, be sure to ask them on our Telegram channel. This is the best way to stay informed on project developments, FAQ’s and giveaways (there is a strong chance you could win €200 worth of PLU just for joining and being active in our community chat). Be sure to join us here.

We are also active on…

About Plutus

Plutus aims to be the most secure and user-friendly payments service available to the masses. We are going to achieve this by combining a decentralized exchange with a payments system.

Payment will be processed via either the mobile ‘Plutus Tap & Pay’ app or the Plutus debit card. Users can exchange only the amount of crypto necessary to make a purchase into spendable fiat through our P2P exchange known as the PlutusDEX, these funds will then be usable for instant in-store purchases anywhere in the world.

Where are we at?

Our PlutusDEX which is essential to the entire project infrastructure is currently in beta testing, you can experience core functionalities such as the buying and selling of crypto instantaneously for zero fees. We provide BTC, ETH and PLU transactions to EUR accounts and the user will experience no attached costs until a fully launched product is available. To test out our service, please take a look here.

Our beta ‘Plutus Tap & Pay’ mobile app is also available (on Android and iOS) and facilitates crypto-fiat deposits, we have also integrated SEPA so users can instantly withdraw their converted crypto funds into a European Bank Account within minutes. We are potentially the fastest project to go from crypto to a bank balance with the level of security we offer. Thanks to our user feedback we are revamping the flow of our app for a more seamless experience. To try our current version early, take a look here.

An all-encompassing Q1 2019 update release is our target, this includes the Plutus debit card, mobile app and PlutusDEX, all built within the same portal for an improved user experience.




A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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Plutus provides an alternative to modern banking and combines it with the ease of access to cryptocurrencies. Earn 3% back in crypto!

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