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Plutus Weekly Report — March 18th 2018

Welcome back to the Plutus weekly report. This week we will be highlighting our progress and developments in unifying retail payments and cryptocurrencies, using the Plutus Tap & Pay app and PlutusDEX, our Live pioneering decentralised exchange.

Many members of our BETA testing program are already proudly patrolling through local shops, stores, and e-commerce sites to test out their newly issued and freshly-pressed Plutus Debit Cards.

The first Pluton deposits have already flown through the system and numerous coffees, lunches and groceries have been bought and paid using the Plutus card. We were also pleased to see that several Plutus community members on Telegram have mentioned using their free balances or Pluton deposits for charitable transactions and giving.

It is important to note that this is actually a planned feature as well, where members will be able to send their Plutons automatically to a charity of their choice. To learn how Pluton works and how many will be emitted in total, continue to the section below.

Pluton Reward Calculator

We have now released version 1.0 of the Pluton Calculator. Feel free to have a try, it will allow you to understand how many Plutons you will receive when making a deposit and let you estimate the fees, total longevity of the Pluton supply, as well as figure out how many Pluton you will receive whenever you make a deposit.

Version v1.0 of the Official Pluton Reward Emission Calculator Tap & Pay Goes to Austin

After an incredible few days at the massive high-profile SXSW18 event in Austin,Texas, our team landed back at home base. It was quite the experience. Wherever we looked, people seemed to talk about blockchain. With Bitcoin, tokens, and Ethereum greeting us at every step, it wasn’t hard to recognise the main theme of the year.

Presenting in front of a well-informed audience, our appearance on the coveted Spotlight SXSW18 was well received and many were already desperate to get their hands on a card right away! In the sense of close-knit networking, we were invited to 1-on-1 demo sessions as well as the Founders Organisation (a founders only event) where we built rapport with familiar faces from the early crypto community. Exciting!

Lots of high profile guests, picture above: Elon Musk

To our surprise, most of the people we met were far from your regular old audience. Rather, we met a diverse group of innovators who seemed hell-bent on the disintermediation of financial services, enterprise blockchain adoption, and the growth of token markets. Names like “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance” and “Wall Street Blockchain Alliance” made an appearance. It’s almost as if the mainstream was starting to come around and see the potential in blockchain.

Regulations and legal compliance now also became a much bigger focal point than ever before, and we had a brief chat with lawyers specialised in tokenisation about what they see as the potential future of blockchain-based companies. In general, we saw a positive shift towards disruptive ideas. Pessimists retreated into the background and were replaced by constructive criticism and cooperation. It is becoming more and more obvious that cryptocurrencies not only here to stay, but to evolve.

Despite a busy schedule that would make our heads fume, Plutus also made it to CAPITAL FACTORY, where we met industry advisors whose bread and butter is growth, tech and marketing.

After the curtains closed and masses of people poured back out, we returned pleasantly exhausted from an unforgettable opportunity where we got to meet the best local and international entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and potential new customers.

Get on Board with the Plutus Public BETA TEST

A big thank you to all our BETA members who have already submitted feedback and bug reports, which we are looking into the moment they come in. We would like to welcome new members to join the public BETA. Simply enter your email on our website to receive the invite with download link.

We will also announce the details of upcoming bug bounties, which will serve as an incentive for more technical users who seek the opportunity to pentest our payments system in return for a substantial reward.

On the morning of the 13th of the March 2018, we accepted the first ever crypto deposit from customers using Pluton on the app, converting their PLU into balance that is universally accepted online and at stores all over the world, with a debit card terminal. It was a proud moment for our team and the community members that have supported us.


If you are someone who always wants the latest updates then head over to our Telegram channel for exclusive news on exchanges and much more. Updates are shared lives and you will have the chance to interact with members of the community and the Plutus team. Give us your feedback on your user experience and let unlock the value of cryptocurrencies.






A Finance app that offers banking features combined with a non-custodial wallet. Earn 3% of every debit card purchase back in crypto (PLU).

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Plutus provides an alternative to modern banking and combines it with the ease of access to cryptocurrencies. Earn 3% back in crypto!

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